Troy vs. Batman Begins



This is going to bust some people up, but I actually preferred Troy to Batman Begins. Who knows why?

Batman wins. It was way better.

Wow, for me Begins is better in every conceivable way. From acting to production design to poster art. (Gotta admit, though; there are some pretty cool posters for Troy.... But a great poster does not a good movie make.)

Hm. The Pitt/Bana fight kicks @$$, though. Although, considering the overall length of the movie, it isn't nearly long enough.

Batman Begins. Pitt just never sold me on the Achilles character.

Yep, Begins is definitely the better film. Troy is seriously flawed.

I enjoyed Troy more. It wins. Dark Knight is much better than Troy but this isn't TDK.

Two great films with grand scales. I like Troy but Batman Begins is by far the superior work.