Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home vs. Star Trek



Voyage Home is one of the greats, but I place the new Trek just ahead of it.

I liked the "reboot" (I know that it isn't one, technically), but it cannot match the brilliance of Voyage Home.

The Voyage Home is one of my all time favorite things in the Star Trek universe. But I was so impressed with the new Trek I'm putting logic before heart on this decision.

That just put Star Trek into my top 20!

There's a certain arrogance and conceit to Star Trek that I admire, but Voyage Home is just funnier.

Voyage Home IS funnier, but I Star Trek is not supposed to be a comedy. I go into Trek expecting aliens and space fights. I'll see Free Willy if I want to watch whales being saved.

Offf my two favourite Trek Movies. Well '09 got me into being a trekkie in the first place

Star Trek 2009 is fantastic a sci fi film that lived up to the hype pure greatness.-Voyage Home is ok but kinda underwelming

As a kid...I loved Voyage Home, but it really just doesn't hold up very well. The reboot it is...

Voyage Home

Its definitely the reboot for me as well, after just re-watching it, it's a truly fantastic film.

Star Trek (2009) is the better movie, but to be fair, I'll say that The Voyage Home is good.

Star Trek (2009) is the better movie, but to be fair, I'll say that The Voyage Home is good also.

Both of these are great, I just have to close my eyes and choose.

Star Trek 2009 is the best Star Trek movie I have ever watched.

I know Abrams gets a lot of flak, but who can deny his Star Trek was simply terrific? Easy choice for me.

The Voyage Home stomps. The new Star Trek trilogy would never touch the heights of First Contact, II, IV and VI.