Finding Neverland vs. Finding Nemo



Pfff. The obvious, clear and easy win in this matchup has got to be none other than Finding Ne

I can't believe you would make a statement like that. That is ludicrous. You have made a huge mistake choosing THAT movie over the masterpiece that is "Finding Ne

Haha, you guys are idiots - the clear and obvious choice is indisputable Finding Nem ! Oh shit, I think I misunderstood the joke..

Finding Nemo is my alltime favourite Disney pixar movie :D

Finding Nemo is an utter delight. It makes one cry, it makes one laugh. Still, for all it's wonder, it's on the weaker end of the Pixar canon. Finding Neverland is a wonderfully magical and beautiful experience that wins this matchup, though I highly recommend both.

Completely agree with JLFM here. I love Finding Nemo for its poignancy, humor and animation, but I can't quite rank it with Pixar's best work if only because those fish tank fish are very annoying and feel like they belong in an entirely different film. Finding Neverland isn't a perfect film, but it is nonetheless an exceptionally good one. For a movie about imagination and whimsy to actually work and not raise this massive wall of cynicism is a massive feat in itself. Finding Neverland is well directed and acted, and that's good enough to beat Finding Nemo.