Scary Movie vs. Scream



Now that's ironic.

haha How funny! very ironic. wonder if i will get 'Not Another Teen Movie' and 'American Pie'. I've always thought the spoof version is better

lol xD

Ironic, yes; close, no. Scream is much better than its parody.

Both flicks generated a unecessary pile of bad sequels,,which in a way,defined genres that produced tons and tons of bad movies. Despite all this bad legacy,they're very good movies by their own merits. Scream all the way.

Scream. It put a twist on the horror genre.

Scary movie 100%, nothing made me laugh like that film did.

Scary Movie...I can't help it. Love it. Definitely love Scream....but I just can't help myself on this one...

It's like the Scary Movie writers didn't get that Scream was slasher satire in the first place.

Scream undoubtedly wins out of the two

Horror satire or horror spoof? Scary Movie is hilarious.

Scream wins without a doubt. Scream is one of the greatest films of all time with perfect pacing, acting, dialogue, etc. Scary Movie is a cheep excuse for a film and just feels like a long YouTube video....disgraceful.

Scream wins!

Yes, Scary Movie is undoubtedly hilarious, but Scream is the movie I'd much rather watch. was actually a trailblazer for a genre that needed a reboot.

Scream is memorable and recent good better than Scary Movie...


Scream is far better.......

As much as I hated Scream, the parody of it was so much worse. In fact, I consider Scary Movie to be the worst franchise in existence.

UncleFok is right. Scary Movie is a dumb film, but then it perhaps was made by dumb people that couldn't realize that Scream already is a satire. And then, a pointless movie that doesn't even justify its existence.