Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals vs. Emanuelle in America



Both great but it's hard to beat America.

Unless we're talking about grade school mathematics...

You probably make fun of the people on the mentally handicapped bus, too. I've seen both of these movies, but it's been a while. After seeing Freddy Got Fingered recently, Emanuelle in America probably won't trouble me on a moral level like it once did. I'm almost positive I like it more than Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals, but I'll hold back on making my decision official until I revisit them both. You don't want to jump the gun on matters of importance such as these.

Just a yuk dude chill, but... People on the retard bus? What? Why would I do that? I mean, the jokes would go over their heads! *Zing* Am I right? Am I right? (Or were you making a yuk too? Cause if you were, and it went over my head, I think the irony just might kill me. Or maybe the fact that I'm aware of the yuk potential in your comment means it hasn't gone over my head? I dunno really, just talking shit.) Also, please not that outside of the States there are, in fact, no mentally handicapped buses. Our buses are all fully functioning, with IQs that are at least in the 53rd percentile. Except maybe in Ireland... I can't speak for the Irish and I won't.

You know, I haven't met a lot of real Irish people, but the ones I have met were exceptional dancers when their reflexes weren't impaired by excessive social drinking. I think my "yuk" was of the self-depreciating variety. I was admitting Americans might have limited math skills, but on another level I was associating my fellow countrymen/women with the mentally challenged so your jab would seem mean-spirited. The sad truth is, people make fun of the mentally challenged precisely because the jokes go over their heads. I did forget that motor vehicles in Europe were so high-functioning. I've heard that they can even hold public office. We don't have that in the U.S., because we are bad at math.

Aha! This was my suspicion. As a yukee, my powers of yuk detection are not at their utmost when I'm deprived of the voice and tone of the yuker. Re the automoblies... yes we even traffic heavily in articulated buses. Not only does their general eloquence impress the masses but it also kills and injures them at an efficiency rating that is almost four times as frequent as your regular Joe buses. Inspiring stuff.