Monsters University vs. Frozen



My two favorite animated films of 2013. Monsters University wins this one, but it's very close.

MU, and in a landslide. Though Frozen definitely looks nicer, Monsters University is far funnier, has better characters and is surprisingly emotionally daring, something which I can't really say about Frozen. I didn't hate Frozen, but MU wins easily.

Cose MU still best states

Frozen!! MU is good too but Frozen is really reminiscent of the 90s Disney movies.

Frozen was much more of a visual treat, but MU had the better story. I must go with Pixar by the slightest of margins.

The two biggest contenders for Animated Film of the Year, They both provided me with great morals with, at this point in my life, Monster University being the more relatable one. Despite this, Frozen I think is a future classic.

MU is fun and really finds its heart in the third act; I was so afraid that it was going to be another Cars 2 and was so relieved when it wasn't. But Frozen is my favorite animated film of the year, and one of my favorite movies this year, period. It wins.

Frozen was by far the better of the two. Over the last decade Pixar has dominated the animated movie scene but it seems the Disney Animated Classics are beginning to remerge as the #1 American animated series. Toy Story 3 was Pixar's last really impressive film, Tangled was released in the same year and that was one of Disney's best non-Pixar movies in a long time. Since then Disney's Animated Classics canon have been pretty good while Pixar seem to be lagging...

I have to admit I found these both a bit lacking but I did like the return to musical roots with frozen and Monster U ended up feeling really slow and kinda boring to me ?

Frozen has to win hands down! The amazing technical effects, the ever so catchy songs and lovely characters <3

very very close but I think the songs of Frozen just take it for me

Frozen is best animated this year. I also put Ernest & Celestine above MU. MU was a fine romp with some funny moments. Someone above stated MU was far funnier. MU didn't rise above being a comedy though. I found Frozen to be far better on almost every level. Frozen was funny while also having emotion and a great plot that would go against convention.

Very hard for a sequel to beat a new story in the movie world. Monsters U. was good but Frozen was better.

Monsters University ftw