Scott Pilgrim vs. the World vs. Toy Story 3



on 12/8/2010

Both good films of 2010, think toy story will win

on 12/9/2010

Got to go with Scott. The Toy Story films are great, but I'm with Bette Davis. I can't stand cheap sentiiment. Toy Story 3 got mawkish.

on 12/20/2010

Scott Pilgrim wins for its newer, non-crying, concept :P

on 12/28/2010

Oh, please.

on 12/29/2010

Scott Pilgrim is more inventive, more endearing, more daring, better scripted and above all (for a comedy), funnier. TS3 is fine, but it's about as daring or thrilling as a Toyota Corolla. It gets you where you want to go.

on 3/8/2011

You're all nuts. Scott Pilgrim isn't even in the same league as a film like Toy Story 3.

on 3/8/2011

Agree with the above. Scott Pilgrim was very entertaining, very unique. That being doesn't even sniff Toy Story 3.


on 4/17/2011

Scott Pilgrim is so much better than the great but already done twice Toy Story 3.

on 4/17/2011

They're both epic films, it's a tricky one...As always, I'm a tad biased, but I'm gonna go with Toy Story 3, because it's a great film but also because the first 2 were part of my childhood and I waited 11 fucking years for the 3rd one the come out!! And once it came out it was just such a relief because it didn't disappoint one bit.

on 4/17/2011

Edgar Wright and Pixar. Neither's let me down yet. The difference is, though, that while Pixar has yet to miss the mark, Wright has yet to miss the bullseye. Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were both right on target, but Toy Story 3 was a little off-center. Scott Pilgrim, on the other hand, might not be quite as good as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, but the difference is pretty negligible.

on 8/24/2013

Scott PIlgrim is funny, inventive, and visually stunning, but TS3 is emotionally investing, well-written, and funny. TS3 wins.

on 8/25/2013

I agree with GoodFather.

on Feb 15

Toy Story 3