Scott Pilgrim vs. the World vs. Hot Fuzz



Anything but this!

Scott Pilgrim is an amazing movie if you get the classic videogame references that it's full of.


Scott Pilgrim!

I love action movies, but I love video games more. Scott Pilgrim K.O.'s Hot Fuzz.

Edger Wright is one of the more interesting film makers this day and age, and all his comedies make me laugh and see them as love letter films rather than straight-up spoofs. I love Hot Fuzz but I got to go with Scott Pilgrim, because I read the comic and was cool with the changes they made in the story. Anything that makes you okay with liberties in story telling deserves recognition.

I'll be the first one here to go with Hot Fuzz. Cause I'm cool like that.

Scott Pilgrim by a hair....

I guess Hot Fuzz for now.

I fucking hate Scott Pilgrim, never saw what was good about it.

I'm with you.

Hot Fuzz because you always notice something new and hilarious every re-watch, Scott Pilgrim I think I'm fine seeing once, but it's still great.

Hot Fuzz

Really hard call. Both are fantastic!

Hot Fuzz.

Scott pilgrim is my first Edgar Wright movie to see. It still is my favorite of his

...FINE. I FOUND MY RANDOM CRITERIA OF THE HEART! Scott Pilgrim has the best collection of beautiful actresses together.

Hot Fuzz is the better movie imo. It's a masterclass in setup and payoff, has such a tightly written and hilarious story, brilliant cinematography and editing, and the performances are just awesome.