Captain Marvel vs. Avengers: Endgame



Captain Marvel is fine but very soulless and predictable. It doesn't helps that Brie Larson is bland as all hell. Endgame, does suffer from a second act that's convoluted and has a lot of fan service, but still defines the word 'Epic'!

Endgame, easily....

I'll take the Marvel movie that gives Samuel L. Jackson the most screen time over the one that reduces great stars like Michelle Pfeiffer, Natalie Portman and Evangeline Lilly to glorified extras. Soulless? Talk about your bells and whistles and hot air balloons. Don't get the love for Endgame and spent a lot of time laughing at moments I wasn't meant to be.

Captain Marvel was overall bad of hate by many people, and I do count of that just partially bad, Endgame had best of it’s modern success moments no contest here.

Not. Even. Close.

Watched Captain Marvel last night in case it had something important to do with Endgame (didn't) and I feel like I've already forgotten it. Saw Endgame today and it was one of the few movies that actually made me really happy and left me satisfied.

Must go with endgame here.

Endgame is far best of 2019 of MCU.

Captain Marvel is extremely bad, Endgame had flaws but it was still satisfying

EG might be disappointing, but at least still watchable. CM is a total dumpster, makes EG looks like citizen kane

Yeah, Captain Marvel is just the worst. Period.

Captain marvel is actually alright and not completely awful