Captain Marvel vs. Shazam!



We all knew this matchup was inevitable...

And here we go. Thing is, most Marvel fans really don't like Captain Marvel. Wasn't very good and so very forced. Shazam being better is a true shocker.

Yeah, I'm surprised Shazam! turned out as well as it did. Very funny movie - kinda like a more family-friendly version of Deadpool.

Shazam is a shallow movie and not very good to be honest but even as a Marvel Man I place it ahead of Captain Marvel. Carol was simply an unfun pantload.

I liked captain marvels villain better, but almost nothing else.

I had more fun with Shazam. Captain Marvel felt like filler.

Shazam is easily forgotten fluff yet it beats Marvel's lame woke ass Captain Marvel at least.


Shazam has more heart than Marvel

Shazam may not have been good but being "meh" beats the awfulness of Captain Blowhard.

Neither movie did much for me but I saw Captain Marvel in cinemas so maybe seeing the spectacle on the big screen enhanced the experience

Both mostly useless flawed none simple great films but shazam is mostly forgettable ungreatful but captain marvel seems had rewatchable at it's moments

They were both fine, enjoyable films...

Captain Marvel. Had a more compelling story and protagonist, a better emotional core (with Carol learning her past and growing past the idea of needing to be emotionless), and the action sequences were much better.

"Shazam is easily forgotten fluff yet it beats Marvel's lame woke ass Captain Marvel at least." ^THAT^ is 100% correct.

The central conceit of Shazam -- the mentality of an adolescent inside the body of a superhero -- got old fast. It was a movie made for (pre-)teens and seemed kind of juvenile. I'm not fond of Marvel, but Captain Marvel seemed more substantial. Formulaic, but they managed a few twists on it.

shazam is way better than this piece of shit

Yep, I'm in the camp that hates the character of Captain Marvel the way she is depicted now. I certainly join the majority that dislikes the actress. Brie Larsen is an annoying shrew. Shazam wins by default.

Shazam is the best Dc film.

Captain Marvel is the first bad MCU movie

shazam for actually being entertaining