The Magnificent Seven vs. Seven Samurai



on 3/1/2010

The original or the Americanized remake? As much as I love the remake, I got to give it to the original because it's so epic.

on 2/1/2011

Definitely Seven Samurai. It's a very japanese story. Although the Magnificent Seven is also one of my favorite movies, Seven Samurai just has more soul.

on 9/13/2012

While I may be committing some kind of cinematic heresy here, I must say that The Magnificent Seven is the superior film. Not only did it manage to tell the same story in roughly half the time of Seven Samurai, it did a much better job of ratcheting up the suspense. At no point in Seven Samurai did it seem like the bandits could actually win; there was just an unbroken streak of victories for the protagonists. The Magnificent Seven remedied this major flaw. Also, the makers of The Magnificent Seven wisely created a strong, charismatic character to lead the bandits (Calvera, played by the awesome Eli Wallach), something the original film really could have used. Seven Samurai is a damn fine movie, no doubt about that, but the American version surpassed it.

on 4/12/2013

Seven Samurai. Its remake pales in comparison.

on 10/30/2013

Both good not great in my opinion. Seven Samurai has the very slight edge in my book.

on 12/2/2013

Seven Samurai > The Magnificent Seven. However, I became aware of Seven Samurai as a kid because I saw Magnificent Seven and was told it was based on the remake. Sometimes, it takes Americanizing a foreign film for the rest of us to be aware of the predecessor. So, Standing Ovation to Akira Kurosawa, one of the great directors of all-time, and a special thanks to Magnificent Seven for letting the world know you weren't 1st.

on 12/17/2013

The original is much better than the american remake.

on 4/8/2014

Going with the 7 that started it all, and all team up movies after

on 8/4/2014