The Fighter vs. Million Dollar Baby



Surprised that no one commented on this clash before. Both movies renewed the sense that we still can do very good dramas with a boxing background,it's amazing how the sport has so much to give in terms of a good story. By a countdown point,i'll stick w/ The Fighter.

Amazing stories, but most of all amazing acting in both films. I'll go with Million Dollar Baby on this one.

Two amazing films. I'll go with Million Dollar Baby...for me it was an emotional roller coaster that I'll never forget...

I can't go against "Irish" Micky Ward. Awesome fighter, awesome movie.

I thought the ending of Million Dollar Baby, although Eastwood explores new premise in climactic sporting conclusions, I love the ol' feel good endings of a typical boxing movie (one very much like The Fighter).

I didn't like mdb's ending... and overall Fighter is a better movie

Both were boring...but I guess The Fighter was better.

Rob said it best.