Time Bandits vs. 12 Monkeys



on 7/4/2013

12 Monkeys starts off promising, but it goes further and further downhill as it progresses. By the end of it, I just didn't care what happened. Time Bandits is the only Terry Gilliam movie that I find to be any good at all, and that's mostly just because it's full of midgets. Anyway, it wins.

on 6/10/2014

Call me crazy, but I'm going with Time Bandits. I enjoyed 12 Monkeys, but its twist is predictable and I'm much more at home with the Gilliamness shown in TB. It reminded me of some of the more out-there shit that kids were allowed to watch when I was a youngster. We had Labyrinth and Return to Oz. Nowadays, you hear about kids crying on their way out of Monster House. Pussies. Cleese, Connery, and Holm are all fun to watch and David Warner as Sata-...Evil is a fucking hoot. And yeah, the dwarfs were awesome too. Flickcharters, find me the man who doesn't like Time Bandits so I can unleash the beast on his calves with a switch.

on 2/22/2015

Two excellent Gilliam films with Time Travel but I think I will go with the 12 Monkeys.

on 1/1/2019

Time Bandits is dark and zany children's fare. Monkeys spoke to my adult self when that part of me was just emerging. Monkeys wins, especially for its entrancing theme music!