The Muppets Take Manhattan vs. The Muppet Movie



I always thought Manhattan was the best Muppet movie.

Agreed, although I also have a soft spot for Muppet Treasure Island

Manhattan is by far the best Muppet Movie.

Manhattan takes it! (I also have a soft spot for Muppet Treasure Island,pc!)

No, no, no! Guys, you're going the wrong way!

Two of my absolute favorite films growing up. The Muppet Movie is timeless, has a beautiful message of going after a dream as well as some incredible cameo performances by some of the greatest comics ever (Mel Brooks, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor and more) Muppets Take Manhattan is made in the same spirit, with a similar message. Both are wonderful for children of all ages.

I expected a complete different movie from Take Manhattan; I've watched it just a few hours ago. Anyways, nostalgia can't help The Muppet Movie. Take Manhattan is brilliant, and my absolute favorite Muppet movie.

I like all of the the muppet movies, but The Muppet Movie has always been my favorite out of all of them.