Ratatouille vs. Chef



If might seem outrageous on the surface, but I firmly believe that these are two of the greatest food movies ever made, and a worthy matchup. The way they delight in the joy, artistry and beauty of cooking is wonderful to watch. Additionally, these are well told stories surrounded by great casts, production designs, scores and direction). Chef is one of my favorite movies for the pure fun that comes with watching it, but I have to give the edge to Ratatouille as clearly the superior film. I think Ratatouille is massively underrated, and one of Pixar's greatest achievements. Taking a story about a rat who can cook and making a meaningful parable about creativity, inspiration and achieving your dreams is a feat in and of itself. Doing so with a story that is perfectly told is even more impressive. Lastly, Anton Ego is one of my favorite movie villains and examples of character development I've ever seen. The scene with him flashing back to childhood after a single bite is perfection, and a high that all the amazing food porn and heart in Chef can't match.