Ratatouille vs. Monsters, Inc.



Two absolutely wonderful Pixar films, and while I love them both to death, I'm going to have to give it to Monsters, Inc.

I agree with Stainboy, Monsters gets the nod here.


I don't think any animated film will compare to the love I feel for that rat and his home cooking.

Monsters is great fun. Ratatouille is beautiful.


Now that I think about it, these are probably my two favorite Pixar films. But Monsters is subject to change. I'm pretty sure Ratatouille will be my favorite for quite a while.

Ratatouille is great, just like every Pixar film but Monsters Inc. is probably the most creative of them all. Not my #1 but it's up there.

breaking my heart, I have to go with the dreaming, foodie rat

Monsters, Inc. has the better story and concept, but Ratatouille has the better execution. Ratatouille.

@charyoutree- Story always trumps execution.

Agreed, Blackmist. Ratatouille was pretty, but I never developed the same emotional connection I have with Sully, Mike, and Boo. Aside from Cars 2, Ratatouille is the only PIXAR I've never rewatched, and I think that says something about it.

As visually stunning as Ratatouille is, Monsters, Inc. is so much better in every other way! It's smarter, funnier and far more original. Monsters, Inc. always!!

Monsters, Inc...fo sho

A tough decision both great animated films. Monster's Inc only just wins.

I love both these films. I've watched Monsters Inc 5 times in the last 2 weeks! I'm not sure I can rewatch Ratatouille the same (even though I love it) To me MI wins!

Both are spectacular. Monsters Inc. is my pick.

Monsters Inc! It's my all-time favorite Pixar film! Not a huge fan of Ratatouille!