Ratatouille vs. The Incredibles



This was tougher than I thought, both are superb, but in the end I chose Ratatouille because I liked the overall theme.

I think Ratatouille is a little weaker the rest of Pixar's.

I love The Incredibles for the action, but I think Ratatouille is a better movie. Plus, the way they colorize tastes blows my mind. Totally changed the way I think about cooking.

Toughie, but I give the edge to "Rat" -- both are great, but if I was on a desert island only "Rat" could provide any comfort.

My Pixar rankings: Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, WALL-E, Ratatouille, Toy Story 2, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Cars, A Bug's Life. Haven't seen Up yet....

The Incredibles was great fun and action. Ratatouille is brilliant film-making. In 50 years, people will look at the 00s as a peak for animation and Ratatouille will be one of the movies that prove that point.

I prefer The Incredibles, though I do think it's over rated.

While The Incredibles was a good movie, it was so darn predictable and certainly not as sparkly as Ratatouille!

Ratatouille is in the company of Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Up, and other Pixar greats, while The Incredibles lacks that undying charm. By no means is The Incredibles bad cinema. It just does not come near excelling in the same areas that the mentioned films do.

Who makes a movie about a rat in Paris that wants to be a chef? Creativity is on Ratatouille's side.


Ratatouille is my all time favorite animated film. However, I did enjoy The Incredibles.

I enjoy the end of an era feel of the incredibles. Seeing heroes of the past in a modern day environment where they are made to fit in is always very interesting.

Ratatouille. The Incredibles was too Fantastic Four.


What the heck. No comment on these two?? Ratatouille for me.

My Pixar rankings have changed since I last commented here, and both Up and WALL·E have moved ahead of The Incredibles. I think Ratatouille could potentially do the same, but I need to see both again....

Ratatouille gets the win. The Rat is so much more likeable than anyone in Incredibles

Seems that my earlier comment is in dire need of revision, what with The Incredibles leapfrogging ahead of every Pixar movie but Wall-E, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 for me after a second viewing. Ratatouille remains one of Pixar's crowning achievements, and it is a treat to look at, but it is not as memorable, comical, or engaging as The Incredibles.

Rataouille is a beautifully animated movie and is really entertainging, but there are so many funny characters in The Incredibles

Hard one. Pixar movies are always good, and anyone can pick a favorite among them. But I prefer The Incredibles due to its connection the superhero genre.

a rat that wants to be normal people...a family of superheroes trying to be normal people

When Ratatouille first came out, I was underwhelmed. I thought the story was a bit dry. Since then, I've seen the movie a number of times and I feel I must revise this sentiment. The message of Ratatouille is nothing short of remarkable and Remy has placed himself among the great Pixar characters with his optimism and determination. So now I do something I would have considered insane three years ago: I am going to rank Ratatouille higher than The Incredibles.

For God sakes, Ratatouille! It is infinitely better than The Incredibles.

Look, either way you slice it, Brad Bird is the man. Period.


Lol. The comments here confirm my feelings; people will always be changing their minds when it comes to Pixar films (though in this case, Ratatouille remains my favorite). And yes, Brad Bird is the Man!

While I absolutely love both of these, The Incredibles takes this one easily for me. The only Pixar film(s) I prefer over it are Toy Story and possibly Finding Nemo. Also, The Incredibles is probably one of my most rewatched films ever, I've lost track of how many times I've seen it.

Tough. Very tough. I own both. Super heroes or chasing you dreams. Depends on my mood that day. I think I watch Ratatouille more.

I don't think either of these are Pixar's best, but they're still amazing achievments. I'll have to go with Ratatouille, because they manage to make the food look delecious.

so tough, both are so good. but i go for ratatouille, i sympathize with remy and the cinematography (is that still applicable in an animated film?) is just so beautiful.

The Incredibles is better!

Ratatouille is so much better

Both are Good, but I always loved Ratatouille so much, after i saw it for the first time, i saw it again with my brother straight away. It just has much more to offer, nothing specific i just find it much better than The Incredibles.

Both are Good, but I always loved Ratatouille so much, after i saw it for the first time, i saw it again with my brother straight away. It just has much more to offer, nothing specific i just find it much better than The Incredibles.

I have so, so, so much respect for The Incredibles. It's one of only a handful of superhero movies I actually enjoy, and one of almost none that I love. As it stands, it's the best superhero movie ever made (and is unlikely to ever be topped). Alas, Ratatouille is way better than it had any right to be. Even for a Pixar film, Ratatouille is beyond incredible. It's a true masterpiece, and not only one of the greatest animated films ever made, but one of the greatest films ever made. These two movies (and The Iron Giant) are an obvious indication that Brad Bird needs to direct more animated movies soon.

Ratatouille! Even Pixar makes rats cool....

Oh, two awesome Pixar films directed by Brad Bird, but here I must go with Ratatouille. Whilst the Incredibles is a movie I love, Ratatouille shocked me!

Don't get me wrong. I love The Incredibles with every bone of my body. I find it funny, exciting, well scored and well written. However, Ratatouille is my favorite movie of all time. It is everything that The Incredibles is, and more.Ratatouille is just incredible (sorry, I couldn't resist.)

The Incredibles but that's because I love superhero movies and Samual L. Jackson is in it.

"WHERE...IS MY SUPA SUIT?!" The Incredibles wins...

The Incredibles

The two Pixar films directed by Brad Bird. I liked The Incredibles, but compared to Pixar's other works, it's honestly kind of weak in comparison. The other family members don't get much development, the villain is a loser, and the film is just not all that memorable, to be honest. Ratatouille is much stronger, in my opinion.

The Incredibles is one of the weakest Pixar films in my opinion. Ratatouille on the other hand is definitely one of my favourite animated films of all time. The blend of story, set pieces and dialogue is a truly special mix that succeeds in satisfying kids AND adults.

I'll take The Incredibles. A better story and just more enjoyable in my opinion.

Incredibles for now I haven't seen Ratatouille since the theater

Without a doubt the two best films Pixar has ever made. Both are so different, but share the brilliance of effective animation. The characters, the stories and the style are immense in both. I have to say that The Incredibles just does it for me that little bit more, but Ratatouille is spectacular as well.

I actually don't care for The Incredibles all that much. But I love Ratatouille.

Incredibles is the Brad Bird's masterpiece. Ratatouille, The Iron Giant and Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol are greats too. My Pixar rankings : Toy Story : 10 A Bug's Life : 10 Toy Story 2 : 10 Monsters, Inc : 9.8 Finding Nemo : 10 The Incredibles : 9.9 Cars : 8 Ratatouille : 9.8 Wall-E : 9.9 UP : 10 Cars 2 : 7.3 Brave : 6 Monsters University : 7.5

The Incredibles is no more than an entertaining superhero film, on the level of The Avengers. Ratatouille is my favorite animated film ever, and it dazzles me with its wit and sophistication.

I thought Rat was filled with emotion, but Incredibles had more action.... I personally prefer the incredibles type of movie you know

The Incredibles. Ratatouille is also good with a great cast including Peter O'Toole.

This is not the popular opinion, but I liked Ratatouille more. There's something about Remy's quest that I adore. The Incredibles is great, but Ratatouille is my favorite out of the two.

A depth-filled movie involving taste and "anyone can cook" versus an action-packed, but still-fulfilling movie with a cliffhanger ending. Despite Rat's uniqueness with its display of taste, and having great plot along with romance, I believe Incredibles prevails, just as it did the first time, with its more developed antagonist, troubles within the family, and of course, the infamous cliffhanger ending.

I prefer The Incredibles, but it's nowhere close to being Pixar's Best.

The Incredibles.



No capes!

I think The Incredibles is better than Ratatouille.

Both are fantastic animated films but I stand by Incredibles being the best Pixar film.

The Incredibles is the best out of the Pixar Movies

both are good but I prefer Ratatouille

I love both, but I think The Incredibles is the more superior film.

Both are top 5 Pixar movies. I think the Incredibles beats out Ratatouille by a bit.

Both top-tier Pixar movies, but still: Ratatouille all the way for me. It's one of those movies which, no matter how many times I watch it, I never seem to get tired of.

Yeah both definitely cream of the crop pixar movies; Incredibles might be more "fun", but Ratatouille has the much sweeter story in my opinion and is slightly more rewatchable

Incredibles tbh. Ratatouille was a wholesome yet intelligently crafted movie, but Incredibles was just awesome. The characters, the themes and social commentary, the intelligent way in which the tone changed, the amazing animation, the humor, etc. give it the edge for me