Ratatouille vs. Finding Nemo



Two of Pixar's best. But I gotta hand it to Ratatouille.

Nemo is my favorite from Pixar. I rank Ratatouille fourth, after The Incredibles and WALL·E. (Haven't seen Up yet....)

Ratatouille is the only Pixar movie that I flat out don't like. Don't really know why I dislike it so much. Nemo is my second favourite afte Monster's Inc.


Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar movie. While I really like Finding Nemo, it just can't touch Ratatouille for me.

I was pleasantly surprised by both Ratatouille and Finding Nemo. As pleasantly surprised as one can be by Pixar. Ratatouille can't touch Finding Nemo, though. Finding Nemo has a certain warmth about it that makes it something special.

I was stunned the first time I saw Ratatouille, that's how good I thought it was. I've seen it since and I found things I didn't like about it. I didn't consider it a perfect movie anymore, but I still love it, I think it's achingly beautiful how the animators brought Paris to life, and I'll still take it over those cute fish anyday. Nemo is middle of the pack for me as far as Pixar goes.

I only saw Finding Nemo the one time when it was a new release. I dont remember it very well, but from what I remember it is close to Ratatouille. It would most likely be just below, or just above it on the list. Unfortunately that small difference is all the difference in making this decision.

Pixar's greatest film (Finding Nemo) vs Pixar's second greatest film (Ratatouille). They are both brilliant, and for some may be a tough choose, but Finding Nemo owns Pixar's universe.

In terms of sheer beauty, every new Pixar film blows me away in some way. With Ratatouille, it was just how amazing that rat fur looked when wet. (Okay, there's a sentence I never thought I'd type.) But when it comes to gorgeous visuals, in my mind, only WALL·E has come close to touching Finding Nemo. I know when I watched Nemo for the first time, my jaw was on the floor the entire time.

I enjoyed Finding Nemo much more than Ratatouille.

I really didn't care for Ratatouille.

Finding Nemo just by a hair here (or fin as it were). These are #3 and #4 of Pixar's for me, Toy Story 1 & 2 are unbeatable.

This is an IMPOSSIBLE decision! They are both the awesomest movies ever with very cool characters. The only thing is that I think Nemo is a little young, so I'm going with Ratatoullie.

The Pixar Movies Listed in Order of GREATNESS: 1. Toy Story 2. Monsters Inc. 3. Ratatouille 4. Up 5. Finding Nemo 6. Toy Story 2 7. Wall-e 8. Toy Story 3 9. A Bug's Life 10. The Incredible's 11. Cars

Nemo. That is all...

Finding Nemo is literally Pixar's best film behind the Toy Story films. Ratatouille can't beat The Incredibles, so I think Finding Nemo is the victor here.

finding nemo, better story, more emotional and better animation

both are great and i flip flop on the frequently but now I pick NEMO

rat is quite nicer.

100% Finding Nemo!

Nemo.... altho I hate choosing against Rat.

I'd have to agree with everyone else here, I love Ratatouille but Nemo is without a doubt the better film.

nemo but rat is also good