Ratatouille vs. Back to the Future Part II



how can a movie about rats cooking food not be fantastic?

Ratatouille doesn't even come close to Back To The Future's amazingness.

Back to the Future is so much fun. One of the best sequels ever.

This is tough. The nostalgia factor swings the vote heavily in BTTF's favor (as a kid, it was my favorite of the trilogy), but Ratatouille is beautiful and amazing and...I really don't know. These two are pretty close on my chart.

Oh, crud! This is Part II! (Thought it was Part III; guess I should read that a little more closely...) I think I'll take Part II over Ratatouille without too much hesitation...

Ratatouille is easily Pixar's worst, BTTF2 is very underrated, and almost as good as the first in my opinion. BTTF gets it

I don't even want to vote on this one. I love both of these for many reasons, but I have to go with Marty.

Back to the Future part II, although a great sequel, doesn't quite work as smoothly as the first movie. As for Ratatouille, it's a sublime piece of cinema. Wins this rather easy.