Back to the Future Part III vs. Back to the Future



I want more of these! Head to Head sequels!! This is easy, but I'd like to see more Godfather vs. Godfather 2 type sequel battles!

Well, this one's no contest at all.

Definitely 50's Biff.

III is better than Part II...but still can't sniff the original...

Back to the Future, the first one, no contest.

I and III are both my favourites, but I was sad to let go of the series with part III., so I wins by defeault.

I can't help but love the western effect of Part III

There's about a 230 movie gap on my list between these movies.

III is great, but it can't beat I.

I prefer the third film in the series, probably because I prefer the western aesthetic to the 50s teen culture.

III > I > II, but I like them all. The second one is a bit dark and probably confused the younger crowd. While I still enjoy the first one, I love the western theme a little bit more. And besides, Biff's character is a lot better and dumber, lol.

Back to the Future (1985)

Really liked Part I, didn't like Part II, LOVED Part III.

1 >>> 2 >>>> 3