Saw II vs. Saw



this is a tough 1... Saw 2 is one of my fav sequels of all time... but all in all, I think the experience of watching Saw was far greater than that of Saw 2... so I vote Saw

Saw II sucked compared to Saw. The sequel didn't really do much right.

Saw II is a pretty good sequel but the original wins hands down.


Saw II was good, just not as good as the original.

Cary Elwes > No Cary Elwes

The original takes it out with flying colours.

Saw is better, the sequels disappointing compared

Saw II is probably the best of the Saw sequels (I haven't seen Saw 3D yet, but I'm not expecting anything good), but it's still kind of mediocre. It has its moments, but the first one is easily the best (even though its climax kind of ruined it for me)

You haven't missed anything by not seeing Saw 3D yet, dude. It's almost as non-sensical as IV and V. Only thing it has going for over those two is that it's actually a fast paced movie, if retardedly at that. Anyways, Saw II was the only good Saw sequel (though VI wasn't too bad), but the original wins easily.

*it's actually a FUN movie (not fast paced). Well, it kinda is fast paced. But even in spite of being fun and fast paced, it's pretty terrible

Saw 2 to this day is still my favorite Saw film, so it wins.

Good twist crushes here.

I'm taking Saw as well. 2 is the best of the sequels for sure.

I think I'm actually changing my mind here.

Easy, easy choice...

I guess I'll be the minority here, but I have to go with the second one. While no one will forget the surprise ending of the original, the second one just has more suspense and shockingly had some emotion built in.

I vote Saw

The original was so much better.

Both are great and memorable compared to the rest of the series.