Perfect Blue vs. House



House really irritated me. I appreciated the visual insanity, but it wasn't the sort of insanity that I was interested in watching for 90 minutes. Perfect Blue... I'm just not much into psycho-thrillers that blur reality and madness, or whatever. Both of these were a special brand of Japanese weird that hurt my head more than anything else. Perfect Blue was the less irritating of the two, but I won't be watching either one again.

If there's anything worse than the cheap pedo-oriented stuff anime is totally saturated with, it's this "I'm a Real Art! Honest!" school. Also, there's a killer piano or somefyhib in House.

""I'm a Real Art! Honest!" school." - Referring to Perfect Blue or more generally?

Perfect Blue, Paprika, Lain, stuff like that.

(And Eva to some extent, but that's like 50% pedo)

I won't defend Eva. The first half is just bullshit repetition and Shinji's too much of a bitch to be a protagonist I can tolerate. Rei too. I'm cool with Misato and Gendo though, and I guess the ending is WTF enough to be engaging, but it's all whatever. I don't have a problem with the lolicon shit either, but it does little for me. Kite was kinda creepy, I guess. Perfect Blue and Paprika are two of my favourites though. I don't see Satoshi Kon's work as self-insistent or pretentious. I don't think he's pandering or posing. Maybe the fanbase tends to read into some sort of depth, but I can't hold his work guilty because of whatever pseudo-intellectual crap the fans allege and claim to see. Anime doesn't need to be all fluff and camp and gore does it?

I mean, you rep Akira, right? Seriousness and *metaphors* can't be all bad (not that I consider Paprika or PB to be all that metaphorical).

My tongue was actually pretty far in cheek, it's just that this whole psycho-whatever surreal thing is waaay too leaned upon in this sorta thing, to the extent that it seems if you wanna do something serious and layered you gotta throw humor out the window and crack open some Freud. I'll chalk liking Akira up to nostalgia

Watch both recently, Perfect Blue is my choice.

i love pafekuto buru, but i prefer hausu