Touch of Evil vs. Psycho



Two movies where Janet Leigh gets assaulted in a motel! Also, two of the best movies by two of the best directors. As a whole, I prefer Hitchcock's work to Welles', but Psycho is far from my favorite Hitchcock. Hmmm... Anthony Perkins is just amazing in Psycho, but Heston, Welles, and Dietrich are also fantastic in Touch of Evil! I think I'm going with Touch of Evil here.

Eh, I wasn't all that impressed with Touch of Evil. I much prefer Psycho, my favorite Alfred Hitchcock film (as of right now).

It seems Hitch had the right idea when he killed off Janet Leigh halfway through Psycho; she seems to run out of steam partway through Touch of Evil. Or maybe it was good material, rather than steam, that she had run out of. Welles's film features some fantastic scenes and performances (although I thought Heston was awful), but it can't compare with the lean, cold beauty of Hitchcock's horror flick.

Shower Scene and demented killer wins easy PSYCHO!

both are masterpieces, but i prefer welles to hitchcock here

2 classics starring Janet Leigh. Psycho is unquestionably the more iconic film but Touch of Evil's acting, cinematography and story are too good to lose here.