Touch of Evil vs. Citizen Kane



Citizen Kane is brilliant as a whole. It's better than the sum of its parts. What sets it apart is how perfectly crafted it is. While Touch of Evil might not manage perfection, it manages to surpass Citizen Kane for its many moments of brilliance. Flawed though it may be, Touch of Evil reaches heights that Citizen Kane never could have dreamed of.

Charleston Heston as a Mexican = fail.

Welles' second best and best films. Touch of Evil for me.

Eh, neither film is ranked particularly high on my Flickchart. That said, at least with Citizen Kane, I can see why it is so highly regarded. With Touch of Evil, I'm completely baffled by its lofty reputation. Citizen Kane wins.

Neither is one of my absolute favorite, but I really liked them both. I think that Touch of Evil is better. And though it has nothing to do with my decision, the opening tracking shot was amazing!

Touch of evil is one of the best crime sags ever but everything about KANE is brilliant almost every film after owes it for every department of writting and film making its a true treasure.

I'm torn. I feel bad actually picking a winner here, but there can only be one and that is Citizen Kane.