Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery vs. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me



Two strong Austin Powers movies, but I'll have to vote for the original.

Hmmm, which made me laugh the most? And Mike Myers... what happened to you?

gotta give it to the spy who shagged me. mini-me as well as the time travel element was just handled brilliantly.

Liz Hurley > Heather Graham

I thought The Spy Who Shagged Me was quite a bit funnier than its predecessor.

I actually thought both sequels were funnier than the first Austin Powers. Considering how ambivalent I usually am towards movie comedies, I think they're all pretty good.


They both had plenty of laughs but the first film was the best.

Liked em both, but I laughed more at the original.

The 2nd one kills the first.

The spy who shagged me wins because of the mini-me and seth green battle. yeah, someone's actually shorter than seth green...funny. plus we still get a good dose of will ferrell.

Spy Who Shagged Me still the best one for me.

Very close. 2 had the addition of Fat Bastard and had a lot of funny moments. But im going with 1

What made Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery so clever and funny was watching Powers and Dr. Evil deal with living 30 years in the future (" MILLION dollars!"). With that fishes-out-of-water storyline gone, the two sequels had to rely more on cheap humor to get laughs (like Dr. Evil singing "Just the Two of Us"). For that reason, the original movie will always be the best of the trilogy. Oh, and Heather Graham ain't no Elizabeth Hurley.

I rewatched all 3 recently. 2nd is the best. I think they are as funny as each other but the 2nd was super stylish really and well done.

Both are great, but Spy Who Shagged Me has always been my favourite.

I've been waiting for this one! Love them both, I think they're equal, so I'm just going with the first one simply cuz it was first.

I LOVE these movies. They are both absolutely hilarious, but my vote is with International Man of Mystery. Alotta Fagina scene cracks me up every time.

Both are good, but the original just has more spunk.

Gotta go with the original....


The Spy Who Shagged Me became my favorite after I bought the trilogy.

I'm going against Caesar here but I really preferred the second one. All the side characters like Frau have lots more to do and the additions of Mini Me and Fat Bastard really make the franchise.

International Man of Mystery has fewer laughs therefore imo the weakest of the trilogy. There are still really funny moments don't get me wrong but I feel like 2 and 3 are a lot funnier. For me it'd 2,31