Serenity vs. Star Trek



It's like trying to choose which kid is your favourite. Gah!

What's a geek to do? Both equally enjoyable and satisfying from a fandom standpoint. Both work well for non-fans as well. It's a toss up, but I may actually need to go with Serenity for this one if only because the story's more straightforward. So close though!

Star Trek had nostalgia on its side, but Serenity had better writing and a more appealing cast, overall. I have to side with Serenity on this one.

I know this decision is influenced heavily by the fact that I've always been a major Trekkie, yet when I saw Serenity, I didn't know Firefly from Farscape. But I didn't really care for Serenity much, anyway. Was it just me? I would like to check out Firefly sometime, and then give Serenity another chance, but this is no contest for me.

johnmason: it's not just you. I found the dialogue in Serenity to be so hokey I couldn't stop laughing at the entire notion of talking the way they do. An otherwise decent film, with a great plot, but a sci-fi flick with characters that talk like they're out of a 1930's radio drama is just too much to get around.

I came into both of these films without having seen anything from either series (it's bad, I know), and came out loving both of them. Star Trek wins for me, because I really enjoyed the big, epic, massive tone of the movie. Serenity's quirkiness was less appealing to me. Plus, I still felt somewhat left out of the know-how with Serenity.

Oooh wow yeah ummm two series that are trying to capture the fun and adventure that the Star Wars movies left behind a long, long, time ago. . .I guess give me Serenity.

Star Trek was a surprisingly good entry into a series that I never much liked. Serenity is a great continuation of a series I loved. Serenity.

While I loved Firefly and never enjoyed the Star Trek series I felt this installation of Star Trek did a better job of introducing people to an unknown franchise. I loved Serenity but I think people who didn't watch the show might be a little lost. Star Trek just made me not care that I didn't know all of the background story.

Both quality movies that made it to my DVD collection. Serenity is simply the better all around film. Factor in the TV series and it slants even more in to Serenity's favor.

Browncoats forever!

Let me just say that "firefly" didn't have a film already. The fanbase needed "Serenity" more than Star Trek fans needed "Star Trek". In Serenity, the original cast was reunited to make a great film. What did Star Trek have, one cameo? I'm not saying that "Star Trek" was bad, far from it actually. But since I greatly enjoyed both films, the deciding factor for me is necessity.

Easily Serenity! Also this is cpming from a Star Trek fanboy

Now if this was Cowboy Bebop vs Star Trek, Star Trek would lose. It's not though, and Star Trek is way more enjoyable than the Serenity.

Serenity is one of the most beautiful Blu-Ray experiences I've seen. And I saw it in 720p. But, it still looked amazing. Both awesome, but according to Futurama, Inara became President of Earth. Serenity.

Love them both but Serenity provided the continuing story I wanted due to Firefly's unjustifiable cancellation.

Serenity. I love Firefly way too much.


Serenity. The Star Trek reboot was ok, but it lacked the soul that Firefly has (and by extension Serenity). Now don't get me wrong I love Star Trek, but you have to admit it's always been a roller coaster of quality. The only series that was good pretty much all the way through was TNG....everything else does not hold up and you never knew if an episode was going to suck or be awesome. Firefly has the advantage of not being beat like a dead horse like the Trek "franchise", but it started strong and ended strong. And in one season became more memorable to me than all of the Treks combined (including this formulaic fan service film)

My enjoyment of these two is almost identical. They're both great movies. Serenity is much more dark and "cool" but Star Trek is more fun. I really don't know, I would definitely give both these movies the same rating. But if I had to chose, I'd probably have to go with Serenity, as its source material is more impressive.

Serenity because it was a great conclusion to my favorite show (Firefly.)