The Third Man vs. Touch of Evil



Each stars Orson Welles. And, in each, he is brilliant, as is to be expected. What tips the scales in Touch of Evil's favor is the fact that Orson Welles is a constant in it, unlike in The Third Man. The Third Man doesn't really pick up until Harry Lime first appears in the flesh. From then on, The Third Man ranges from good to great to brilliant. And, before then, it was all over the place so far as quality is concerned. Prior to Harry Lime's reappearance, my eyes had become rather droopy as a result of one particularly long lull in the film. Granted, I was tired to begin with. Still, it speaks quite well of a film when it can keep me alert and focused upon it despite my want and need for sleep, as much of The Third Man does. Touch of Evil has a few moments where it leaves something to be desired, but none that I would refer to as lulls. And its brilliance is frequent and a constant, unlike in The Third Man.

No comments on this one?!?!

Touch of Evil was far more enjoyable...

The Third Man was very good, but I think that Touch of Evil is better.

I'm surprised that the voting isn't in favour of The Third Man. It gets my vote.

The Third Man. I loved the build up to Harry Lime's entrance.

The Third Man

both are excellent, but i love touch of evil too much

I will mention this ONLY because I need a reason to like one over the other: A found the music in The Third Man a bit annoying. But that's it!