The Third Man vs. Rear Window




Two of the best character entrances ever. Orson and Grace Kelly. I Flipped a coin...

I'll go with Hitchcock on this one. Third Man just didn't hold my interest...

Rear Window takes it in a very close match up

Eh, I really don't get all the love for The Third Man. Like TheEgant, I just don't find it very interesting. Even Rear Window is more exciting, and that movie was set almost entirely in one room. Easy choice...

Two films I desperately need to rematch. It's close, but I'll lean towards Hitch's film.

Rear Window gets the victory and it doesn't even break a sweat.

Orson Welles' performance is too good.

Love this matchup! The acting, score, and cinematography is dead even for me between these two. But here's what I'll base my decision on: The Third Man has a richer plot and a tighter script. It also has a much better ending. Fabulous matchup, but if you force me to chose, I'm going with The Third Man.

I love both, but Rear Window is Hitchcock's masterpiece so it has to win here.

The Third Man upsets me. Everything about it theoretically makes it one of the greatest films of all time, yet it is somehow difficult to watch it without feeling drowsy. Much to my dismay, I find it an easy win for Rear Window.

If you commented here you are not a philistine... Third Man