Ocean's Eleven vs. Fight Club



Okay, I've been really surprised to find Fight Club slipping down my list. It was in my Top 20 when I started, but now it's hanging around #50. I still think it's a brilliant film; I could still watch it any day of the week. But as I look at this particular match, I just think, "Well, shoot. Ocean's Eleven is just a heckuva lot more FUN...."

Tyler Durden > Rusty Ryan

I'd watch Fight Club a thousand times before I'd watch Oceans Eleven - and I really like Oceans Eleven!

NOPE. fight club over ocean's eleven any day. first off, you get more brad pitt in fight club. second, while ocean's eleven does have its fair share of action and suspense and drama, it also seems like more like a fun movie (nothing wrong w that!) while fight club feels rly... i dont know... serious.?? its like all dark and ooh scary and ooh hes punching himself like a dumbass and ooh he just blew up wall street so yknow

Both very entertaining. Fight Club deserves it for the better Brad Pitt performance and for going a little deeper into the human psyche.