Ocean's Eleven vs. Ocean's Twelve



No comparison. Twelve was a misstep. Thirteen improved on it, but Eleven is the best.

Indeed, it is an instant classic for me

I actually think that Thirteen is the best, but apart from that, Eleven is clearly superior to Twelve. Didn't like the latter very much.

Well, isn't this interesting. Ocean's 11 is the only good film out of the three. They should've stopped at one.

Gee, it almost took me two seconds to decide ...

Twelve sucked so hard. Eleven is where it's at.

I'm certainly much more forgiving of Twelve than most. There were too many moments of genius (Julia Roberts as Julia Roberts, in particular) to completely write off what was a MICROSCOPICALLY inferior and still wildly entertaining film. That being said, Eleven gets the win.

The only thing I ever read is how much 12 sucked. But no one is able to explain why. As far as I'm concerned it's just as great as the other 2.

Eleven, obviously.

The scene in 12 with Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts-as-Julia Roberts was pure brilliance, I thought, and I don't see why everyone rags on 12 so much. I'm still going with 11, but not by as big a margin as everyone else.

Ocean's Eleven is BEst. but i will say 12 & 13 are also not bad.

Ocean's Eleven was tons of fun, and had a solid cast. Ocean's Twelve took everything that made the original fun, and threw it out the window. Confusing, often dull, and lacking the wit and fast pace that made the original such a joy, Ocean's Twelve is significantly worse than it's predecessor (even though the Julia Roberts/fourth wall was a riot).

Ocean's Eleven defines a good time with a motion picture. 12 was one of my worst experiences in the theater ever...

I watched Eleven and prematurely assumed the rest of the trilogy would be passable enough to warrant buying the set. Then I saw Twelve, and now I'm reminded why I was told to never assume anything. It stunk to high heaven. Soderberg ought to be ashamed of himself. Almost everything that made Eleven a gem was not present in Twelve. I didn't laugh, I wasn't thrilled, I wasn't entertained and I almost felt cheated after finishing it. I'm almost unwilling to see Thirteen just because of Twelve, but I hear it's better so I'll give it a whirl.

I love all three, but 11 is the best.

Everything that was good about Ocean's Eleven was absent from Ocean's Twelve. This matchup is a joke.

Ocean's Eleven is not only the best of the trilogy, but one of the all time greats and easily wins here.

Ocean's Eleven is currently my top movie of all-time. Although Oceans Twelve delivered action, story, off-hand comedy, and great scenic looks at European cities....it just doesn't measure up to Eleven. Maybe the expectations were so high that it couldn't possibly match them, but as far as 12 & 13 are concerned, I own and watch them because of my love of Eleven more that where they stand on their own.

Ocean's Eleven is a great film. Ocean's Twelve felt like a rehashed, shoe-horned low-quality sequel.

Eleven comfortably. It has a better plot, pacing and a far superior ending. I'd give a 8/10 to either but Twelve is an harsh vote.

I actually like Twelve the most in the trilogy.

Eleven is easily the best of the trilogy