About Time vs. Groundhog Day



About Time was a cute high concept romcom... but Groundhog Day is sort of a genre modern classic.

About Time loses focus about halfway through, transitioning from a time-travel rom-com to a time-travel family drama. Along the way, its running time bloats about 20 minutes longer than it should be. Groundhog Day is almost a perfect movie.

About Time is charming but it isn't a classic like Groundhog Day.

About Time>Groundhog Day

I really like both, but about time was much more personal of a story.

Groundhog Day is NOT sort of a genre modern classic. It IS a modern classic. Period.

I'll go with About Time, I really loved the emotional ending. Groundhog Day's enjoyable too.

Liked 'em both a lot...About Time was a great surprise...