Foodfight! vs. Epic Movie



So it comes down to this. While I don't think about "the worst" nearly as much as "the best" and there maybe a load of straight-to-VHS/DVD releases and B-movies that I have seen in the past which were worst, as far as I am concerned, these are the two worst films that I have seen to date. However, I was kind of prepared for Foodfight as I only found out about it thanks to the Nostalgia Critic review (though even that barely scratched the surface on how bad it was). Epic Movie on the other had I went into blind, and in a day and age where I actually occasionally chuckled at bad parody films like the latter Scary Movies, this was the most unfunny, repetitive, tedious, idiotic, offensive (both emotionally and intellectually) film that I have ever seen to date. As much as I'd like to say that it has finally been outdone, Foodfight was at least amusing at a microscopic level in just how bad it really was. Epic Movie doesn't have that distinction, and so it remains the worst film that I have ever seen. Foodfight will have to contend with second worst.

*which were worse