Star Wars vs. Annie Hall



STAR WARS vs. ANNIE HALL. This is like torture.

Remember when they were both up for Best Picture in '77? Who am I kidding... I wasn't alive yet. As much as I love "Star Wars", "Annie Hall" is one of those movies I can watch at any moment and fall in love with. It won the Oscar and in this particular case I think the right choice was made. But "Star Wars" is about a perfect as entertainment can possibly be.

And the Oscar should have gone to... Star Wars, though I love Annie Hall

I still hate the Oscars for not giving Best Picture to Star Wars.

I'm sorry, whenever I watch Star Wars again, it's very much not the film I remember. It's actually very poorly written, and the acting is pretty bad. Annie Hall took the romantic comedy genre and blew it apart in a way that was endearing and entertaining.

Why is it always Star Wars vs ..... I still can't stand this movie: I really try but i just find it dull, vacuous, poorly scripted and badly acted.

Star Wars. I love Annie Hall, but it's Star Wars.

I can forgive the academy for giving the Oscar to Annie Hall, but i can't forget.

I guess it just comes down to what kind of movie you like more. I enjoy Science Fiction and I love Star Wars but there is something about a masterful comedy like Annie Hall that really brings me a lot of joy.


I give an ever so slight edge to Annie Hall. This was a hard decision.

Star Wars got ROBBED of the Best Picture in '77. Annie Hall may have been one of Woody Allen's best works but Star Wars changed the face of cinema. It reemerged the use of mythos in storytelling and created a new medium (Sci-Fi Fantasy). Not only that, it made the biggest revamp in film technologies since Citizen Kane. Annie Hall may be a great film, but to win best picture against a movie that hit cinema harder than anything in the latter half of the century? Ridiculous. I lose faith in the academy during these times.

Star Wars is a cookie, but it's like the best cookie you ever had. Annie Hall is a salad, but it's the best salad you ever had and it's still good for you. Tough call, but I choose substance over style.

Star Wars may have been more influential, but I rate movies on how much I enjoyed them, and I enjoyed Annie Hall way more. Definitely one of the best romantic comedies ever made.

As much as Star Wars was a cinema game changer, so was Annie Hall, the forebearer of the modern romcoms. And honestly, Woody Allen is far more consistent and an unequivocal cinematic treasure compared to George Lucas, who didn't even direct the best Star Wars film. Annie Hall all the way!

Interesting. I never really thought of Annie Hall as "the forebearer of the modern romcoms". I suppose it has to accept responsibility for a lot of the utter shit that's been produced over the years. I dunno about Annie Hall having any substance though...

Stars Wars should have won obviously not only by its cultural and inspiring influence around the world but to spectacular and memorable mythology of his story. The screenplay is excellent and it made feel, it aroused admiration, enthusiasm and poignant emotion. Star Wars should be considered as a whole. It is a masterpiece. Those who judge objectively a literary work, a film or a pictorial work are misguided. Art is subjective. Star Wars made me experienced the illusion, the magic of cinema and a fantastic prospect of his universe. The cohesion of the framework and the acting skills necessary for its completion has been crucial. Annie Hall made me such a good time but did not reach me emotionally like star wars. In addition, the production of Annie Hall, the script is facilitated by its relatively simple plot that tells a romantic human experience passed through the vicissitudes of a normal life. However, the writing, the composition of Star Wars was not easy and was a product of pure genius. The grandiose and sensational of his frame that tells a fantasy world unknown is hardly comparable. Goerge Lucas has sometimes been compared to Jules Verne who, like him, will see his work, his odyssey through the centuries. Annie Hall will be quickly forgotten.

Star Wars wins, not much of a fan of Woody Allen.

I can't stand all the star wars fanboys (Something I used to be) complaining about Star Wars losing to Annie Hall. Star Wars is a good film, but it has NOTHING on Annie Hall.

I'd rather get punched in the mouth than watch Annie Hall again. Yes, Star Wars was robbed of the Best Picture Oscar. R-O-B-B-E-D.

Who gives a flea on a dead dog's dick about the academy or what they think? If you do, stop.

Just watched Annie Hall and thought it was pretty good, but let's face it, it stole Star Wars' Oscar.

I disagree about Annie Hall robbing Star Wars of the Best Picture oscar (and I really love Star Wars). Annie Hall deserved it for being the best romantic comedy of all time.

I don't care what won and what didn't win something 36 years ago, but Star Wars is more my cup o' tea, strawberry tea to be exact. Respect me and my cup o' strawberry tea for a moment, and I'll respect you and your cup o' lemon tea. Yeah...That's relaxing. I think I'm gonna put Star Wars on, k bye.

If this were Empire or Jedi, Annie Hall wouldn't have a chance, but the first one is overrated in my opinion. It's mostly set-up of characters, they don't really evolve much until the next two films. Not to bad-mouth Star Wars, but Annie Hall is better.

I absolutely love the Star Wars Saga and prefer it over all of anything that Woody Allen has done, but the original Star Wars is probably my least favorite of the original trilogy and to me Annie Hall was more enjoyable.

@TheHonestFilmFan you said it all right there.

You guys summed it up perfectly. I'll go with Annie its my favourite Allen movie.

Star Wars.

Star Wars over anything Woody has done....

Well, here I am, here to say that I think that Annie Hall is the better film.

I am so agreeing with Rob on this one. I mean, I just finished watching Annie Hall and whilst a few parts bored me, some parts made me laugh so hard. That said, it isn't Star Wars and it most definitely doesn't deserve Best Picture over Star Wars.

I love Star Wars, completely wore out my VHS of it, but Annie Hall just has something more that Star Wars doesn't. It wins for me.

I'm sorry, but I'm going with Woody Allen here.

Star Wars any day of the week. Annie Hall is a good film, but it is nowhere near as revolutionary,entertaining and fun as SW.

Star Wars any day of the week. Annie Hall is a good film, but it is nowhere near as revolutionary,entertaining and fun as SW.

As much as I wish Star Wars won best picture and Annie Hall did deserve it. Star Wars is one of my favorite movie of all time.

Is this even a question? Star Wars takes it every single day of the week, unless of course you are a pretentious idiot that tries to kid yourself that Annie Hall is better.

I think annie hall is by far better than star wars

Lucas over Allen

The greatest romantic comedy ever made vs bloated, ponderous scifi drama aimed at pre-teens. Annie Hall wins and it's not close.

Annie Hall.

Annie Hall winning ? Yippe-ki-Yay.

Annie hall destroys all star wars shit

Star Wars was a nice movie, all fun and entertaining. You gotta love Harrison Ford and crew. But still...Annie Hall was so absolutely fantastic, so much well done and written, and so entertaining that I'd take it any day over Star Wars. Annie Hall deserved it, Annie Hall got it. Nice.

annie hall is excellent, star wars is only "good" (and massively influential but the positivity of the influence is debatable)

Annie Hall.

I couldn't get into Annie Hall. I've liked everything else I've seen from Woody Allen, but this one fell completely flat for me. I love the original Star Wars.

Annie Hall. Star wars has bad dialogue and bad directing. Annie hall by far.

Both are very good, but I think Annie Hall deserved that Oscar. It is one of the greatest poetry about love ever made. It's funny, smart, brilliant, and technically it leaves nothing to be desired. Star Wars is quite revolutionary, but the film has awful dialogue and poor direction. Mark Hammil's performance (I don't know if I spelled the right name) is nothing special like Carrie Fisher's. (I don't know if I wrote the right name again). So I choose Annie Hall.