Star Wars vs. Blade Runner



How can I make this choice?

Even though Star Wars is the film responsible for turning me into The Movie Whore, it is films like Blade Runner that keep me coming back for more.

Brain vs. Heart on this one. "Star Wars" ignited the original flame of my cinephilia, which burns unto this very day. But "Blade Runner" is the better film, one that first revealed to me the beginning of the limitless possibilities of film, not to mention that filmmaker's ability to craft a world so meticulously detailed that a viewer can lose himself in it forever. Hell, let's make it simple: "Star Wars" loses out due to the heavy tampering of the prequels to come.

the trilogy was the first time i remember seeing films and acknowledging what purpose movies had. it will forever be a huge influence on me. but bladerunner is such beautiful, deep and meaningful movie to me. i have to go with it.

Star Wars is less boring, seriously it's that easy. Blade Runner is great and did great things for the Sci-Fi genre in films, but it is slow and not as easily accessible as Star Wars.

This is a good example of the "oh crap, I can't decide" moment. Both are excellent in their own style, and both left me speechless leaving the theatre. On any given day, the top ranking for me would be different; depends on mood, too!

Blade Runner, easily. Scifi noir? Hell yes.

These are both great films... however, one is for kids and the other is for grownups. I'm a grownup, now.

Star Wars changed the way movies were made and the way we look at them. It's a classic. Blade Runner, not so much. Please don't hit me.

For entertainment purposes Star Wars succeeds but Blade Runner is easily the better film. I've always considered Star Wars to be very over-rated.

Star Wars is probably the most important film of the last 50 years, however there are many flaws in the film where as Blade Runner is nearly perfect in every way.

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Nope. They dream of unicorns. The director's cut of Blade Runner, which was considered "too arty" for theatrical release by the producers, seems to suggest that Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a replicant himself, implanted with fantastic visions of mythical creatures. Why else would his handler, Gaff (Edward James Olmos), leave an origami unicorn outside of his door in the final scene? How could he know? This little twist ending pushed this film into the realm of greatness. Dekard's quest to preserve the purity of mankind, his initial refusal to accept replicants as living creatures, fighting to maintain their own existence just like any other organism, evolves into a struggle to accept his own "humanity." Star Wars was more fun for me as a kid, but Blade Runner still hits me harder than any other sci-fi film to this day. "All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain."

I will give it to Star Wars, this film changed the world of movies.

Excellent match up! BOTH are great films, howeverrrrrrrrrrr... Blade Runner blows Star Wars out of the water simply on the quality of the storyline.

Wow. Maybe the best match-up I've seen so far. Artistry has to go to Blade Runner. Impact and influence on culture clearly goes to Star Wars. Both are highly entertaining. Blade Runner is a better movie on its own, though.

My two favorite movies. If I want to sound smart/not embarrass myself I tell people Blade Runner, but in all honesty I think Star Wars is probably my favorite.

I'm so conflicted. Star Wars vs. Blade Runner. Depends on the day, but today Star Wars wins out.

Well, I could at least stand to watch Star Wars to its conclusion. Can't say that about Blade Runner. It's the lesser of the two evils, really. No, actually, the better of the two evils. Without Darth Vader, the movie is trash.

The problem with Star Wars is that while Lucas had great ideas, he can't really write or direct them on his own all that well. Blade Runner is just a far better, stronger story and, altogether, a better movie.

Which one? Star Wars is more fun, but Blade Runner creates a world so much richer. Sigh.

crazy difficult

Easy one for me. I go with Star Wars all the way.

If you asked me anytime before I was 30, Star Wars wins. I still love that movie and I guess you could say I owe it everything you see on my profile here @ Flickchart. It really did get the ball roling for me at the tender age of 10. But as much as I love it, I can't ignore the excellence of Blade Runner. It's story, writing, direction and acting are marvelous. It ages incredibly well and is thematically and stylistically the root of my current tastes in film. The most interesting part of Blade Runner is that it seems to have an existence that transcends its original release. I love it in all its forms: theatircal, directorial, final - Blade Runner would seem to be a fundamental truth that each of the versions reflects in some way. Blade Runner all the way.

star wars/empire made me a fan of good science fiction movies... blade runner is awesome, but that lightsaber kicks ass!!!

Star Wars is far supirior, Blade Runner sucks it dosent have any story and Harrison Ford plays bad in it while the movie is too exaggerated. So Star Wars wins for sure.

Even though Blade runner is probably the better movie I'm am without a doubt voting for Star Wars

"The Empire Strikes Back" vs. "Blade Runner" would have been a much more difficult decision...

I couldn't really get into Blade Runner. I'm going with Star Wars.

It's the ultimate sci fi battle. Bladerunner wins because unlike Star wars, Nothing is sub par.

Star Wars is more imaginative to me...creates an entire galaxy of possibilities. That appeals to me a lot. Blade Runner is clever, but there's also some problems with it such as Harrison Ford's boring performance (Yea, I'm in the minority..). Both very good movies though.

i like blade runner i realy do but it just dose not hold up as well as star wars star wars has aged well even the puppets and crappy S.E do not take u out of the movie on the ohter hand i dont think blade runner has aged nearly as well and is maby a little over rated cause it was one of the fist great sci fi films ever made and so star wars is the clear winner

Gonna go with Star Wars. I know I should go with Blade Runner. But Star Wars was the beginning of a new era in American film making and the entertainment factor is bar high unlike Blade Runner that just drags on. Plus A New Hope introduced new and memorable characters that people quote everyday. There is only one quote that is even worth quotable in Blade Runner and only rarely should you quote it. Star Wars really is in the top 3 sci fi films of all time. But Blade Runner is not.

It maybe be a bit too easy for me to decide, but it's just obvious for me, Blade Runner is the better movie. Star Wars after seeing it a million times looses some of it's value, while Blade Runner just gets better and better with every viewing. Both are great, but only one is Legendary

Star Wars (or the original trilogy as a whole) is the pinnacle of science fiction for me. Even after several viewings...I find absolutely nothing special about Blade Runner. I keep trying, but I can't find it anything more than an average flick...

I'm so glad these movies were made in the 70s/80s. They look perfect, no bullshit video game effects needed. (Besides... well, you know.) Uh, anyway, one's silly pulp and the other one is slightly headier pulp (but not deep--and that's fine). I appreciate that they exist. I wouldn't phase them out of existence. Why must they fight, they are not enemies

Star Wars wins for me. It just works better.

I kinda liked Blade Runner better.

Blade Runner is great, but when it comes to sci-fi, you can't go against Star Wars.

A few days ago I would have said star wars.

I am switching to Star Wars.

No second thoughts on that.

Harrison Ford looks so versatile opposite Hamill and Fischer. Put him in the same frame as a real actor like Rutger Hauer and his expressive limitations become more visible. But in the poor guy's defense, not even the greatest of artists could've matched Hauer's acting masterclass toward the end.

Probably Blade Runner

I never liked the Star Wars Trilogy, maybe because I had no connection with it during my childhood and I found it way too childish. On the other hand I love Blade Runner, perhaps the best Sci-fi film to date and a great storyline to go along with it. Also Rutger Hauer, only that character is better than the entire Star Wars Trilogy. I also don't really like Darth Vader.

star wars is way better.

Star Wars. Blade Runner never impressed me until the end.

I liked Blade Runner, but I'm still not exactly sure what my overall thoughts are. Star Wars is a fucking legend.

Blade Runner.

Two films that are impossible to choose between

Blade Runner is lightyears ahead of star wars

now if it was Empire strikes back or return of the jedi it would be easier but I think I got to go with star wars on this one but their both really close

Both are amazing science fiction movies. Star Wars revolutionized the sci-fi genre, Star Wars has great replay value and it's hard to get sick of it. But Blade Runner is such an amazing movie and it's style is is so distinct. It's got a great unique style of Noire. I say Blade Runner.


The depth of Blade Runnner supersedes the story of Star Wars. The movie is a visual masterpiece with with Amazing images on your screen. Star Wars may do do at times, but not enough to draw me in the same way Balde Runner does. My to say it doesn't draw me in though, because it still does. The story is a bit more accessible on Blade Runner as well. It is in our world, just with technological advances. The Star Wars universe is completely foreign to the viewers. But what really makes me place Blade Runner higher is the fact that it makes you think more than Star Wars. The movie is a lament on mortality of man, and represents it as these androids who seek to extend their lives at any cost, even of they loose a few of their own. The external struggle is between man and machine, but it is really a reminder to our end. And which ever level you choose to watch it on, it is a wonderful narrative. That beats Star Wars for me because the story is so one demensional on the latter.

Blade Runner for me. Star Wars is more kiddie whilst Blade Runner deals with some deep human condition elements. Blade Runner is deceptively, deeply thought provoking.

Look if I'm honest with myself, I'd probably watch Star Wars if given a choice because Blade Runner is very harsh, very bleak and very pessimistic. But as a film, Blade Runner is much much better.

One of the toughest match ups. Great characters vs though provoking story. Star Wars has the slightest of edges.

star wars

Blade Runner for has every possible genre for a movie...action, neo-noir, drama, romance, crime etc..

Not even close...Star Wars for sure.

I am sorry to all Stars Wars fans, but the masterfully directed, stunning visuals, and beautifully acted film, Blade Runner, easily destroys and kicks the whole simple and mediocre Star Wars franchise out of this Earth; Blade Runner is my favorite film of all time.

Star Wars is just so much fun I have to pick it.

Blade Runner is much watchable and sensational more than Star Wars the original, but somehow Empire Strikes Back is certainly better from it but overall Blade Runner is better.

''tears in rain'' is better than any-other star wars scene han solo is better than deckard but i don't know wich movie is better!

Blade Runner is certainly far better of an amazing story and while Star Wars is mostly overrated not one of my likables ever been..

Blade Runner was never that involvement but Star Wars can’t get beat here.

Star Wars beats Blade Runner into a pulp, Blade Runner is one of the most overrated movies of all time.

Blade runner is one of sci-fi's greatest achievements but Star Wars is arguably the greatest sci-fi achievement.