Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park



Yes, folks, Jurassic Park is a better movie than the almighty Star Wars.

Oh god... oh god! JP is my oldest movie friend, but... Star Wars is really good and groundbreaking... Ehhh!

First movie I saw in theaters was JP, but I was three and had to be taken out of the theater, lol. I love both movies dearly. Star Wars has Harrison Ford as Han Solo while JP has GREAT one-liners that I quote all the time. I hope my friends don't abandon me for this...but I have to go with JP.

Star Wars has lightsabers, X wing fighters, and the force.

I grew up watching both these movies. Both are near and dear to my heart. But I'm going to have to go with Star Wars solely on the reason of Harrison Ford.

Only one is worth the praise heaped on it. I'll give you a clue. It's not Star Wars.

One holds up. The other doesn't. Jurassic Park.


JP is def. better

i actually like Jurassic Park more. there, i said it. Empire beats Jurassic Park but not A New Hope. that's just how it is.


I grew up watching Jurassic Park, and it still holds a place in my heart. (aww)

Sorry dinosaurs, i have to go with Star Wars here.

OH MY GOD. First of all, A New Hope is my favorite SW movie, despite what people say about Empire. But JP is the better film, and is so fun to watch. JP it is.

Both movies are SO ahead of their times that it almost hurts to choose only one. I love them both. They accomplished So much. but hey, Star Wars is a movie from the 70's, with no technology whatsoever that didn't age up not a bit after decades and decades of CGI and top-notch tecnology. That's quite hard to trump.

I am sure if I saw Star Wars in theaters when I was a kid I would be blown away. But since I saw Jurassic Park and it left a bigger impact on me than Star Wars.

Star Wars! It gets better and better everytime I watch it, I love JP, but it hasn't held up as well to repeat viewings.

Are we talking "Star Wars," or "George Lucas Has a Billion Dollars and Can't Leave Well Enough Alone?" Who thought that years later it would be "Jurassic Park" that felt more authentic and original?

This is one I've definitely changed my mind on since my comment in 2010, after a recent rewatching.

WOW Its a tough choice but I have to go with Star Wars. I mean its Star Wars! Cummon.

I'm not a fan of Jurassic Park, unlike most people, believe it or not. The characters are flat, there's barely a story (People escape from dinosaurs in a dinosaur themepark...that's pretty much it, right?) and it's...boring. I don't know exactly why, maybe because of my first two points. I'm not invested in the characters, and you're constantly watching people escape from different kinds of dinosaur; that's not exciting, that's repetitive. I much rather watch Star Wars.

I loved Jurassic Park, but it just doesn't hold up for me. Plus the downfall of every JP movie was the whiny set of kids attached. Give me Star Wars....

Could a harder match-up be imagined? Yeesh...

I definitely like Jurassic Park, if only for the sheer spectacle of it. Star Wars, however, provides both spectacle AND story. It's the much better movie.

Star Wars for me. Both are held dearly in my heart.

Both great movies but Jurassic park is an easy choice

Jurassic Park by a nose.

Battle of the childhood favorites. Both still hold up extremely well, Star Wars comes out on top.

Jurassic Park was boring as hell!

Star Wars wins by a f*cking longshot.

Both overrated in my opinion, good yes... but overrated. Star Wars

I love both of them, but I think I'll go with Jurassic Park.

two classic favorites... I <3 JP... but its Star Wars... Epic.

I'd have to go with Star Wars

Ahhhhhhhhhh, close, but I'm probably going to go for Jurassic Park. I adore both, but I was a fan of Jurassic Park before I was a fan of Star Wars, and besides, the first Star Wars film isn't my favourite. Were this a matchup for JP with Empire or Jedi, this would be a different matter altogether, but the first Star Wars film is a little too dated for me to compete with JP. Both absolute classics though.

Both are amazing, but Star Wars is best.

Oh, yep. JP is unstoppable.

JP any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

T-Rex eats Darth Vader!

Star Wars is boring as hell.

Jurassic Park for me. It holds up better. And if your argument is "but it's Star Wars", well guess what, there's a Star Wars film that is a great deal better than this one. I still love Star Wars, and the simplicity of it, but ironically, even tough it originally was literally just titled Star Wars, it's the Star Wars film of the original trilogy that feels the least Star Wars-like. But yeah, both are definitely amazing.

Star Wars for me. I've always been a bigger Star Wars fan than a Jurassic fan, but I still love JP.

Honestly, I prefer Jurassic Park.

I guess that Spoon turned his brain off to watch JP, right?

jurassic park

Jurassic Park is a better sensational effort here.

Jurassic Park is a better sensational effort here.

Two classic adventure films. Star Wars is just closer to me!


It can't get any tougher than this match up. Star Wars seems more groundbreaking at its inception and I give it the nod here. I love both films.

Jurassic Park is much watchable, while Star Wars is seemingly overrated cheap lame kids emotionless ever!

Sorry I’m going switching to Star Wars.

Both Jurassic Park and A New Hope are among the greatest movies ever made. Both are masterpieces.

I'll take lightsaber duels, spaceship battles, and galactic wars over dinosaur chases any day.

Star wars is best for me revenge of the sith way better

Jurassic Park is a classic, but A New Hope is an all-time great movie

Jurassic PARK wins this one. The humor and finally seeing high quality dinosaurs for the first time in movie history. . THE CGI still looks good today while SW has aged a ton. I rather see dinosaurs than talking robots JPARK .