Star Wars vs. A Clockwork Orange



If anyone asks, I didn't choose.

I'm going with you and not picking. AKA going with 'A Clockwork Orange'.

A Clockwork Orange is one of the many films in my Top 20 that are technically better films than Star Wars, but I really enjoy Star Wars. So it wins.

Not a fan of A Clockwork Orange. So Star Wars it is then.

I totally agree w/ Mateo on this one. Technically Clockwork is a better movie,hands down, but Star Wars means too much for me to be beat by it. I would watch the classic trilogy all over again any day.

Star Wars by far. It is more entertaining.

Two amazing Sci Fi's but Star Wars is another level...

It's kind of lonely over here. Mindslinger is starting to look at me kind of funny...

It's alright, you've been put on parole.

Star Wars is great but Clockwork Orange is a masterpiece.

Star Wars for nostalgia.


I'm actually picking A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is my favorite movie

Star Wars wins.

were do you even start this is hard but I think I'm just going to have to say A Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange by a narrow margin to remain my #1.

Not even close - Star Wars.

Star Wars is funny, but A Clockwork Orange without hesitation (No, this is no my favorite film of all-time)

Star Wars fucks up ACO.

A Clockwork Orange is a masterpiece, but once Alex gets arrested, it starts to drag a little bit. Star Wars gets the slight edge here. Love both, though.

Star Wars mauls ACO....

I loved Clockwork Orange until my sister ruined it for me. In conclusion, Star Wars.

I’m a big Kubrick fan but Star Wars is still the winner for me!

i would say star wars is better imo.

Star Wars owns alex and his droogs.