Star Wars vs. Raging Bull



My hardest match up ever. I have to go with Star Wars.

Im going with Star Wars too. Much more revolutionary and offers better family entertainment value.

Star Wars.

The Empire Strikes back over Raging Bull...but Raging Bull over Star Wars

"Star Wars is more fun, but Raging Bull is better," spoketh the king. Suddenly, his kingdom came under attack. "Oh god! My castle is being stormed by swarthy subjectivists!" And then he was slain.

This is close, but in the end most films fail to Star Wars.

Even De Niro underestimates the power of the Force....

Raging Bull!

Although I love Raging Bull, and it's probably my favorite Scorsese flick, you can't beat the blast of entertainment that is Star Wars. Well...not in my world, at least. Heh.

De Niro's powerhouse performance in Raging Bull can't beat the masterpiece that is Star Wars.

Top 20 filter, SW wins

Raging Bull.

As much as I love Robert De Niro in Raging Bull, then Star Wars is still a much better movie.

i picked raging bull over empire, but not against this one

Star Wars. I change my mind

Easy Star Wars.