Star Wars vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King



Oh man!!

I feel like the guys arguing in Clerks II. I go with Star Wars by a long ways.

"Walkin to an F'in VOLCANO!"

Not really fan of either movies, but Star Wars is better by far.

While it may be sacrilege to say this, Star Wars, the original '77 movie, is overrated. It deserves its place in cinema for its great technological advancements and the great way it greats its own universe. But, when it came out Alec Guinness was the only name actor in it and he, along with the rest of the cast, thought it was going to fail, surprise for them it didn't. I love Star Wars, but even i can point out it isn't the best movie, Empire however is far better as a film. Still, I'm down voting the other two LoTR movies and treating Returns as if it represented all three as one movie/story, which is what it is intended to be.

Return of the King, hands down. Star Wars is a classic, but RotK is the better film.


I really don't think the original Star Wars movie is anything incredible. But this may be because I was born in 1988 so seeing it for the first time wasn't a big deal (though I do love it in my own way). Watching Return of the King for the first time, on the other hand, was so powerful. I imagine it was the feeling people had watching Star Wars for the first time.


Star Wars because it stands alone and knows when to end. I love them both.

Sauron might even be bigger than Darth Vader.

This is my hardest pick yet sorry ROTK I am going with my classic old school feeling

Aww, Jeez. Uhh. Hmm. Star Wars was more influential. ROTK is somewhat better made. This- I don't want to decide. I'll go with ROTK just on sheer quality, but damn this was tough.

LOTR? Solid......but it isn't even in the ballpark of the original Star Wars Trilogy....

Star Wars is far better, Return of the King is too slow and boring, Star Wars will blow Return of the King up.

Star Wars was more revolutionary and far more better.

SW is BORING (in my opinion) and LOTR is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and acting in sw is terible!!!!!

lord of the rings WON 11 academy award!!!! sw won the MOST BORING MOVIE OF THE YEAR HAHAHAHAHA

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LOTR 3 IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star Wars, definitely.

Would have been tougher if the first two were in question but I'll take SW any day over the bloated, overlong Return of the King. Seriously...a film should know when it's supposed to end.

Fellowship over Star Wars, but Star Wars over any other LotR(-related) movie.

Star Wars is much better than ROTK

No second thoughts on that

My favorite LOTR film beats my least favorite of the Original Trilogy.

Ha Ha I definitely agree with what Piccolo said. Considering its length, there were many scenes which could have been trimmed or chopped off, but Jackson seemed to have been carried away( & seriously he's now developing the hobbit- about 1/5th of the volume of LOTR books into a trilogy!!!). It still retained the grand atmosphere of middle earth, but frankly I had seen enough of it in the 1st 2 installments( which were very long as well). And I didn't care much for those new characters & all those back-from-dead people( seriously that stuff was stupid!) & those overlong CGI heavy battle scenes didn't quite excite me. I prefer FOTR - it was really an amazing intro, but the latter 2 parts didn't match up with it. That being said, i'll put it just above star wars although its very close. By the way, if this was TTT( which I find plain boring), star wars would have won hands down.

I think I'm switching to Star Wars.

Star Wars is better IMO because it is my #2 and ROTK is my #16. So there.

Before I saw the LOTR trilogy, I thought it was impossible for the Star Wars trilogy to be topped. I was late to the LOTR party. I had heard some comparing it to Star Wars and some even saying it was better. I thought they were out of their minds until I watched LOTR for myself. It's everything they said it was.. maybe even more. And ROTK is my personal favorite of the trilogy. So you know who wins this matchup in my eyes. Still love Star Wars though... just not better than ROTK. Honestly, Empire is my favorite of the original Star Wars trilogy and thus would make a better matchup against ROTK, but I still would go with ROTK in that matchup as well.

Anybody with me on Star Wars?

I'm switching back to the King.

What are you at?


Is'nt anyone on my side?

Star Wars beats all LOTR movies.

star wars, but indeed very close

star wars, like the universe better

Both films are awesome beyond belief. Star Wars still crushes, although I really love Jackson's third entry into LOTR.

I am a die hard Star Wars fan but Lord of the Rings is better.

ROTK. It has more of an emotional punch than Star Wars.


Because it's freakin epic

Than Star Wars

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Return of the King.

Lord of the Rings is more influential than Star Wars is..

For now Lord of the Rings is by far greater level than every Star Wars movie..

Lord Of The Rings.