Star Wars vs. The Princess Bride




Sorry, 'Star Wars' you lose this one. As consolation, would you like a peanut?

I mean, this is the real question isn't it?

Once again, Star Wars' leisurely pace on Tattooine dooms it. Once The Princess Bride hits The Cliffs of Insanity, it's one of the fastest and most enjoyable films ever made.

"Star Wars" may have been ground-breaking, but the charm of "The Princess Bride" is easily enough to earn the nod here from me.

what a tough choice. I was raised on the princess bride, and as much as I loves me some star wars it has to take the cake here.

I LOVE, the Princess Bride but right now I have to say Star Wars!

Love 'em both...but there can be only one...and the Force is strong with it...

Why? Why is this choice so easy?

Two childhood favorites, but I prefer Star Wars.

Star Wars by a whisker.

Yeah, I said it.

The Princess Bride is just more quotable and entertaining. Yes, Star Wars was influential, but it was mostly just because something like it hadn't been seen before visually, and it coming out at the right time. The Princess Bride is honestly better in my opinion.

Hi I'm Minority and I loved the Princess Bride more (currently favourite of all time).

Never understood the love for The Princess Bride. Star Wars certainly!