Star Wars vs. Jaws



the two films probably most credited with starting the big blockbuster business model...

Darn! Hmm, I'll choose the shark?

I would rather be choked by Darth Vader then eaten by a great white shark than make this choice...

These two movies changed cinema forever, but which one is better? I can't go against Star Wars, even when it's matched against a legendary blockbuster like Jaws.

Oh, what? Only 4 comments on this matchups? First big blockbuster vs second big blockbuster. Yesterday, I watched Jaws for the first time, and I liked it. Didn't love it though; I thought the ending was kind of weak ('DIE YOU SON OF A B--' followed by 'Oh hey, you are still alive, cool bro. Oh btw, Quint is dead...bummer. I used to hate water, hehehe' -The End-) and I thought the climax unnecessarily dragged in places. It's a good movie, don't get me wrong. In fact, I think it's much better than Jurassic Park and (the dreadfully boring) Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But I don't think it's Spielberg's masterpiece (imho it's Raiders). Star Wars is the more entertaining and more satisfying movie.

Jaws...and it's not even close

Star Wars destroys everything so i dont even need to think about it.

I love me some Jaws. Just loved Star Wars more...

Back when both Lucas and Spielberg were at the top of their game.

Jaws. No Contest

Well... Star Wars although i love both

Star Wars

I realize Star Wars is the popular choice, but I'm just a huge Jaws fan and it gets my vote.

two great movies, they both changed how we view things, they became ironic in their own right, but Star Wars is better.

Star Wars holds a special place in my heart that Jaws never will.

Jaws crushes star wars.Jaws is far better movie IMO

Oh, my God. I not will make this rank, N-E-V-E-R. According to Flickchart statistics, together with Jurassic Park, both wins 100% of their matchups on my chart. Both are flawlessly perfect, but I must go with Jaws here.

Star Wars is my pick.

Jaws is my pick.

Jaws all the way. Best movie of all fuckin' time IMHO. NUMBER 1.

The two original "blockbusters". At the time, they saved cinema by popularising films to mainstream audiences and still remain brilliant today! I’m too much of a Star Wars fan and the original is still one of the most unique and special films of all time!

Jaws is much watchable and good moments, Star Wars is mostly mediocre overrated boring it is..

One of the toughest choices I had to make. Both of these films revolutionized modern cinema and are the most iconic. Jaws was a great thrill, but Star Wars was a lot more fun. I'll go with SW for now, but it might change later.

JAWS is the better film. No doubt!!

Jaws wins this round. Even though A New Hope is a great movie only The Empire Strikes Back is equal to Jaws.