Saw vs. Lost in Translation




one of my all time favorites :)

yes, this is a wonderful movie. Would like to see it again.

I didn't expect to like Saw, but I really, really did. Awesome twist ending.


One awesome movie. Eespecially like the silence in some scenes. Also, I find that people either love this film or hate it.

Saw was a refreshingly effective psychological horror movie, and certainly near the top of its genre. Still, Lost in Translation was a masterfully crafted film.

Lost in Translation was a really unique and quirky movie, but Saw's twist ending and new spin on horror was a refreshing change. Saw gets the nod.

Wow ya'll are kidding, right? right? ... Lost in Translation is one of the best ever. Saw was good suspense with a good gotcha moment, not a best ever.

Come on guys... Bill Murray vs. a ventriloquist dummy? Bill Murray, please. Seriously though, Saw was a solid movie, but just because the horror genre gets one decently made film amid the usual trash doesn't make the film groundbreaking. Neither film is a masterpiece, but I'd give it to Lost in Translation in a heartbeat.

I must've really, REALLY missed the boat when I saw Lost in Translation. People love it, but I thought it was boring and uneventful, despite having the awesomeness of Bill Murray. Maybe time to watch again.

Lost in Translation is so over-rated. Nothing happened, it was really boring. Saw was original and exciting, it has been done to death now but the first one is fantastic.

da saw puppet nigga would merk on bill murray.

Saw was a fun movie and all. It was unique at the time and who could see that ending coming? Lost in Translation easily takes this match-up. Although I'm not a huge fan of Scarlett, Bill Murray's understated performance makes it not only a must see but a must multiple see!

Saw did nothing unique except scrape the bottom of the barrel to be one of the worst-acted movies of all time. There are literally hundreds better twist endings in movies made before this came out. It revolutionized being able to tell who is a complete moron, however.

Saw did nothing unique except scrape the bottom of the barrel to be one of the worst-acted movies of all time. There are literally hundreds better twist endings in movies made before this came out. It revolutionized being able to tell who is a complete moron, however. You could put almost any movie on the right side and my vote would be the same. Peace.

the first saw was great, really different from a lot of the horror movies that were and have been coming out. but it's been tainted for me after each sequel that ruins the impact of the first for me. saw is good but lost in translation is better.

Saw: Badly acted, badly constructed, dependent on shock rather than real horror - but with a undeniably great twist ending... too bad there wasn't anything other than shock-till-you-drop thinking behind the story. Lost in Translation (and who puts these two together??? This is completely Bambi vs. Godzilla!) is a tone poem on loneliness, isolation, and friendship. Sure, many people "don't get it". But those that do, love it for all the reasons the people who don't get it hate it. It is elliptical, without plot, is made up of small moments of people connecting. Sees Tokyo as both urban sprawl and neon wonderland; something alien, contemporary and ahead of its time.

Saw I was a great thriller. Had a good indie vibe with passable acting/writing. Overall, it's the atmosphere and rising tension that made it was it was. Of course, the series deteriorated after that - but that's beside the point. Lost in Translation was a movie that I appropriately watched alone in the middle of the night half-awake. I can think of no better mood to see that movie in. Kinda makes me wish Bill Murray would have better material, though.

Saw had horrible acting, and the hyperactive editing got on my nerves. Lost In Translation is not perfect, but its subtlety accentuates how Saw is truly a load of sound and fury signifying nothing.

O.k. Why did my vote go to Saw?

Ah, that's better. I obviously have a lot of ranking to do if Saw was actually above Lost In Translation on my list.

Really? 9 people have it at Number one? Really?

Saw was definitely a great horror film for me, which is saying a lot because I don't even like horror films. I couldn't wait to find out what happened next throughout the entire film and the twist ending definitely hit me out of nowhere. Still, I've never watched the film again and for me, that says something. Unbreakable, Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects all have twist endings which something take away from the film once you already know what it is - but all I've watched more than once. So if I can't break myself to watch Saw again, it's definitely missing something. Lost in Translation on the other hard, was a great film - period. Not just in it's genre (whatever that may be), but just an all around great film. I've watched it at least 3 times that I recall and every time it manages to "move" me and I get something different out of it. To me, that's the mark of winner. Lost In Translation easily trumps Saw for me.

I love the first Saw film, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who's still paying attention to the franchise (It's still good! ...Sort of). Lost in Translation is the better film though. Sigh.

A snuff film versus an actor's piece. The categories don't match, and neither does the quality.

Lost in Translation is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, so honestly, this is a no contest for me. Saw comes nowhere near it.

Sorry, I don't see the big deal about Lost in Translation. I found it amusing and interesting enough, but the first Saw movie blows it out of the water.

Saw wins for me due to the set up and first 25 minutes, which gave so much needed originality to the horror genre.

saw is pretty good not withstanding the sequels yet to compare it to lost in translation well, no contest there.

Murray is good and Johannsen is poon

Lost in Translation is beyond incredible, and one of the best films of the decade. One of my favorite movies ever.

Lost in Translation is a powerful story about love, isolation and confusion,,,easily burying any ideologies that come out of a SAW film,,,hands down Lost in Translation is the easy pick here

saw is awesome. lost in translation is great. lost wins.

Saw is not bad, but come on.

Saw is a one trick pony, Lost wins easily

Saw is good. I've watched the 5 saw movies so far and liked them all, give or take. Saw 1 is probably the best. It's one of the best movies of it's genre. However, Lost in translation is too magical too lose against saw. It wins easily. If you have a couple of friends over and want to watch a movie, however, saw is a better choice. Lost is the better movie.

Saw was alright, but everything after that just killed the franchise.

Definitely Translation. Saw was good, but not even on the same level.

I hate Saw SO MUCH and I adore Lost in Translation. No contest.

Lost in Translation is one of my top 10 movies of all time. its the clear winner here.

I almost feel bad for writing this, but I have to give this battle to Saw. I just could not believe in Bill Murray's feelings of isolation or his relationship with Scarlett Johansson. Not to knock either of those actors, but I thought it was a weak premise to make a movie out of. I watched it, but had to force myself to sit through the final 1/2 hour. I just did not find the leads compelling in their roles. Saw wins, not because it is a better movie, but because Lost in Translation is a worse movie.

It should be no contest between Saw and Lost In Translation. LIT is the far superior movie in almost every way from the lead performances to the directing and writing. A clear winner

Lost in Translation is one of the great over-rated movies of our time. And I say this as someone who was crazy in love with it in the beginning. It doesn't age well. Bill Murray was good, but not unlike 15 other characters he's played. SJ is a terrible actress. And the direction is weak and gimmicky. Flash in the pan, I say. Saw, on the other hand, I expected to hate. And I hate everything it has come to stand for. But the original is just a phenomenal piece of low-budget suspense. Re-invented horror to a degree. Or at least, re-invigorated it. Saw is the film that will be remembered, as odd as it is to say that.

Lost in Translation is in now way over-rated. And I think it only gets better with repeated viewings. Although I will say this, Sofia Coppola's style is so her own that I think you have to be a fan of hers to truly appreciate this movie. Overall it's the feeling of being somewhere in between excitement and melancholy which this film provokes that makes it sit on a whole different level from any other film. But does it really make sense to argue over two films from completely different genres? No one can definitively win this argument.

Well hm, it's hard to choose. They are so very very much alike... Right. The first time I saw Lost In Translation I hated it and though it was way dull. A few years later I gave it another shot and I actually appreciated it much more the second time around. Guess I had some growing up to do. Saw... well after a bottle of vodka I was sober enough to tell how dreadful the acting was particularly towards the end.

Saw beats Lost in Translation on paper and in concept, but Lost in Translation wins out in execution. Lost in Translation may be a much simpler film, but that works to its advantage. And, while in Lost in Translation all the performances are brilliant, in Saw, there are times where it is, like a friend put it, the doctor's talking to the bathtub because of how dreadful the acting is.

Saw was an enjoyable, flash-in-the-pan horror success that spawned several unwarranted sequels each worse than the last. Lost in Translation on the other hand offers some insight into love, friendship and general human interaction. Plus, Bill Murray/Scarlett Johansson or Cary Elwes/Leigh Wannell? Hmm.

Well...Quirky beat me to the punch so I will have to say that I second the above post. The first Saw film was far and away the best and I enjoyed it much more than expected. I think because most other horror films have been terrible in recent years, it stands out more. Lost in Translation was just an exceptional film.

...also Bill Murray would kick Jigsaw's ass. =)

LOT, and it isn't even close.

Both of these movies were products of their time. But looking back, I'd rather think 2003 was definted by Lost in Translation than Saw. If Saw had won this matchup, I'd have lost faith in humanity.

Saw will always be one of my favorite horror movies

Maybe that's what Bill Murray whispered -- "This movie is so much better than 'Saw'"

Lost in Translation is a movie that people will watch and admire for a long time. Saw is nothing more than a Seven rip-off that should have been forgotten weeks after it was released. Instead we get the new torture porn genre that does little for me but makes more money than Davey Crockett. Lost in Translation isn't even a movie that I love but it is far superior than the dreadful Saw.

Lost in Translation is a unique wonderful movie, with great acting by great actors. Saw is a not so bad Horror movie which is badly acted, and the only great thing about the movie is the ending.

Well guys, lots of comments on this one. One film gave us a pretty remarkable ending that shocked the entire audience. The other gave us an ending we as the viewer could interpret as we saw fit. I'll take my own interpretation, LOT ftw.

I'm not big on the horror genre, but I thought "Saw" had an interesting premise and was genuinely interesting. It reminded me of some of the classic works of literature, where characters were made to endure horrible circumstances so that the author could ask the reader important questions about life. When I saw "Lost in Translation," it was at home on a lazy day with drizzling rain outside. It was the perfect movie for that afternoon, and it was as though some familiar friends had dropped by to hang out with me. I understand why many don't care for "Lost in Translation" (my wife being one of them), but it got under my skin from the beginning and I enjoyed it.

Someone introduce S Coppolla to my man Jigsaw.

Huh? This discussion makes no real season to me, since comparing them in this format is like comparing an apple to a chair, vastly different. With that, I hated the first Saw film, so there are very few movies it's better than. Lost In Translation is perfect and beautiful.

It depends on the context. On a desert island I would strongly prefer an apple to a chair. On a dessert island, however, the apple becomes unnecessary.


Lost in Translation is subtle perfection. Bill Murray has never been better. I was lost in this movie and it was pure cinematic bliss. Saw is everything but subtle and inferior to Saw.

As Alfred Hitchcock once said, "There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it". Modern horror movies have abandoned the suspense in favor of gore and shock value to the point that they have become obscene and revolting. Though the original Saw did not pander to one's blood lust nearly to the extreme of what followed, it was the film that launched 1,000 gruesome copycats. It borrowed from se7en, a wonderful movie, but took out the subtlety and replaced it with gore, thus beginning a regrettable trend. On the other hand, for Lost in Translation, Hitchcock's words could altered to say, "There is no thrill in a bang, only in the anticipation of it." The "bang" here, of course, is the relationship between Bob (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), and Sofia Coppola did a great job letting the anticipation build with subtlety and a cinematic grace that is rarely seen today. It was a story of a two individuals that seemed more genuine than any relationship drama seen in recent years. In conclusion, though Saw was not terrible at what it wanted to be, it could have learned a lesson in suspense from a drama. Lost in Translation is my favorite of the two.

This comparation is very sad. Would you compare "SAW" with "Breakfast at Tiffany's", or with "Zorba the Greek?" What a sorrowful world.

Yeah, Translation was solid, but unspectacular in my eyes. I'll never, ever forget seeing the original "Saw" though. I'll be in the minority on this one and go with the horror flick....

The way how you are telling is more important than what your story is, if you can do it.

I've SEEn Saw but like Karaoke better! Sushi is far better than Chop Suey!

How comes this is the most populair discussion of my all time favorite movie?! There is nothing to discuss here! Sure, the first Saw was a movie that brought a fresh wind trough the horror genre which was horrible at the time. But as stated, all the actors in that movie where dreadful, except maybe with the exception of Micheal Emmerson. Saw is decent at best. Lost in Translation... I don't even know where to start. It's so mindbogglingly beautiful. For so many reasons it's been my #1 for what seems like ages.

You people need a few quick kicks to the ovaries

@ the torture porn guy: if Saw is your idea of explicit or pointlessly gruesome, just a warning, avoid this new torture porn movie called "The Dark Knight". There's this one disgusting scene where a guy fires these blades into this clown's face, and... I can't even go on, it's too shocking and gruesome.

Lost In Translation is definitely the better film. Saw definitely is torture porn, but in the most generic form ever. The dialogue is crappy, the story is messy and out of place, and plot holes are eminent;

Lost in Translation was a beautiful movie.

LOL. 71 comments, Saw vs. Lost in Translation ? The Johansson's panties opening scene is better to all the film of Saw

saw is in another level

plotline is superb

Much prefer Saw. So much more entertaining.


Saw gets old real fast.