Saw vs. Planet of the Apes



First time I've clicked on Planet of the Apes.

Saw wins this one

Saw is probably the first horror movie of my generation to actually scare me. Planet of the Apes was pretty good for a modern reboot. Saw wins, but not by much.

The Planet of the Apes remake is the perfect film to show anyone who says "oh, well, it's newer, that means it must be better" is completely and utterly wrong. Seriously, the original is so much more entertaining, so much smarter and so much better acted, no matter how you look at it. Sure, the remake has better make-up / costumes, but that doesn't automatically make it a better film. Saw is much better.

Saw, ftw!

Planet of the Apes is far from perfect but I'll sit through it before I sit through any Saw movie. The first Saw was ok until the stupid ending. Then the amount of Saw disciples/sympathizers was even stupider, one of the dumbest movie franchises. POTA wins EASY! question.