Saw vs. Cube



Saw is more exciting, more visually interesting, and better at getting its brilliant story across than Cube.

Cube was a let down. Saw delivered in spades. Case closed.

A let down huh? I was very surprised with how good Cube was. That being said, Saw, while being the only movie in the series that is any good, is the better movie here.

I thought that cube had a much more interesting story, it leaves you thinking afterwards in a way that saw doesnt. I really liked that they never mentioned the outside world, and so you don't know who created the cube, why it was created, or I even what decade it is set in. It leaves it up to the imagination of the viewer, which I found much more intriguing than saw. (although I should mention that I still found saw to be a very good movie, just not quite AS good)

Saw wins. Actually when I heard the premise of Cube, I thought it was going to be much more like Saw than it ended up being.

Cube was definitely more enjoyable for me. I find Saw to be way to disturbing.

Saw started off promising, but it kinda lost me in the way once the flashbacks started. Too many flashbacks, dude. Cube is great and it was engaging from start to finish.