Cinderella Man vs. Million Dollar Baby



This is a good matchup! Cinderella Man - such a good movie about struggles & triumph.

The one with the lower message to minutes ratio.

Yeah, I definitely prefer Cinderella Man.

Two of my absolute favorites. Million Dollar Baby is a kick in the nuts...but I have to go with it for the victory...smallest of margins.

Million Dollar Baby for me.

Two of the better boxing movies I've seen. Although Hilary Swank's performance wasn't quite as good as Russell Crowe's, the supporting cast in Million Dollar Baby was head and shoulders better than in Cinderella Man, which helped to make the film more enjoyable.

I'll take hope and a great story over depression and a great story every time. Cinderella Man is a classic you can watch over and over again. I saw M$B once and NEVER want to see it again even though it was well acted and crafted.

I thought Million Dollar Baby was a whole lot better than Cinderella Man. I don't really see myself watching Cinderella Man again

Cinderella Man is the far better film AND it's based on a true story.