In the Line of Fire vs. As Good As It Gets



This is really close for me, but the movies are so different. I am not experts on their filmographies, as they've both made so damn many movies, but this is my favorite Eastwood performance up against my second-favorite Nicholson performance (first being his turn in A Few Good Men). In the Line of Fire is a great little thriller, bolstered by a tour-de-force turn by John Malkovich, who is just thoroughly despicable and one of my all-time favorite villains. As Good As It Gets, meanwhile, has always just made me smile. Jack obviously had a blast making that film. ITLOF is definitely more my kind of movie, but AGAIG gets points for being a comedy that I legitimately love. Hm. Still, I think Malkovich wins this one.


As Good as it Gets is too delightful to lose this match.

Opinions, they change. Right now, I'd rather smile.

really close one for me too . I could watch both of these at almost anytime. Right now I'm going with As Good as it Gets because of the Nicholson factor.