Jaws 2 vs. Jaws



Is this even close?

Wait, you chose Jaws 2, and it's not even close??????

Jaws of Course...

2 is pretty good but you always have to pick the first Jaws film

Obviously the first one wins, but 2 is actually pretty good.

Gotta go with the first one....

Jaws 2 is good, but the original is far the best of progression.

I like Jaws 2, but it can't beat my favorite movie.

Jaws for sure. Jaws 2 isn't bad by any means, but Brody isn't really an interesting character on his own.

Jaws is no masterpiece but it is much better than the sequels, though Jaws 2 is the best of them.

Jaws 2 is just great. The first one is a masterpiece. So u know which one comes out victorious.