Following vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Of course, Christopher Nolan's latest feature film easily tops his first one.

I have to disagree. Following is one of the strongest first features that I've ever seen and it easily beats The Dark Knight Rises.

Rises is easily the weakest of Nolan's Batman movies. It's bloated and sloppy and not half as smart as it thinks it is (read: it's a Christopher Nolan movie). Following I ended up seeing three times because I kept forgetting that I'd already seen it, so I wouldn't call it a very memorable film. I wouldn't want to watch either of them again, but I hold a special grudge against Following for tricking me into coming back by being dull enough for me to forget absolutely everything about it.

The Dark Knight Rises is flawed, without a doubt, but those flaws didn't annoy me. It's sloppy, but entertaining. Bane's voice is laughable, but I like the character a lot. How the hell did Bruce Wayne come cares! I had plenty of fun watching The Dark Knight Rises, more so than with watching Following, which is still a great movie.

Following is underrated, but Rises is better.

Following isn't a good debut if you ask me. With its one dimensional characters, mediocre acting and above average script, the film suffers from a tiny budget as well. This just cripples the film as a whole. TDKR might be flawed in areas, but its entertainment value is enough to knock off Following.

Following for now-