Following vs. Memento



Following was like a practice film for Nolan before making Memento. I was surprised at how good it was. The more I watched the more I wanted it to keep on going. It is not one of Nolan's best movies but that doesn't really tell you much considering he only makes amazing movies. It's no Memento but it certainly grabs a high spot in my list.

Only 1 comment? Meh. These two are indeed quite similar. Both of these aren't told in chronological order and they both have the same "twist". Following isn't quite up there with Nolan's later stuff; the acting isn't as good (although it's still pretty good), the editing isn't as good, and the story isn't as easy to follow (hehe) as Memento's. And I know there's little action in it, but like in Batman Begins, it was poorly filmed. But despite all of this, this is still a very good movie. It's interesting, the opening and ending are both great, I love the twists and it's quite entertaining.

It is actually pretty close for me cause I love Following, but I will go with Memento.

Really no need for me to chime in. Loved what Nolan did with Following's budget, but Memento is his finest work imo.

following is nolan's best movie i like memento more

A fantastic debut and a perfect follow up.

Both are great films but I like Memento more.

Both are truly pieces of shit and 20% of my bottom 10.

Two of the greatest mind-benders to come out of the last 50 years of cinema. Nolan proves why he is the true heir apparent to the likes of Kubrick and Hitchcock. Being king of the mountain, Nolan has to deal with a lot of haters who have nothing better to do than troll articles dedicated to his greatness.

When SquareMaster die, Christopher Nolan will be great.

Memento all the way. I agree that Following felt like a warm up for Memento.

Memento with a squash on this one...

Memento. Not even close.