Following vs. Taxi Driver



I might actually have to go with Following. One of the most underrated movies of all time.

When taking its budget into consideration, Following has to be considered a winning effort. However, when judging the film purely on its own merits, it is a barely adequate piece of entertainment. Christopher Nolan is great, but even he can do only so much with a few thousand dollars. Taxi Driver has to win this one.

I agree Following is highly underrated, but Taxi Driver wins this one.

Taxi Driver is certainly the more iconic movie and for good reasons. But if you ask me which do I personally like to watch more, I'd say Following. Such an awesome starter movie for Nolan. Best low-budget, big-screen film I've ever witnessed.

Following is a decent movie and you really do have to acknowledge Nolan's capabilities to make a film like this off a 6000 dollar budget. But c''s Taxi Driver. It's among the best movies of the '70s, and it's practically perfect. It wins this