Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps vs. Wall Street



Hah! Got these two completely randomly. I'm not a huge fan of either of them, though the original is definitely better, if only to see Michael Douglas's sleazy, Oscar winning role.

Money Never Sleeps was disappointing. Two major flaws. First... Carey Mulligan. She can't act and she's not attractive at all (unless she's trying to appeal to butch, broad-shouldered pseudo women that are all named Ruth). Second... Carey Mulligan's character and the whole 'family' story arc. Weak effort this time Stone. Oh, and Jesus dude, how many times do we need to hear the words Moral Hazard?

Wow! I love Carey Mulligan, and actually thought she was sort of the best part of the film. She's great in An Education and Never Let Me Go, and I think has a lot of potential to become a truly great actress.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps simply didn't have the bite of the original film. Oliver Stone seems to have lost his touch.

I just watched Wall Street for the first time yesterday - I had seen the sequel back when it came out on Bluray, but I watched it again afterwards too. Considering that Stone is a prominent leftist, I was surprised and pleased to see that the original film wasn't just a simple-minded trashing of the capitalist system, and from what I read afterwards, this was because Stone and his co-writer made an effort not to be glib. The original is not a great film, although it could have been in the hands of a different director. The sequel is not a great film either, but it's not any worse, and considering the parallels between the two stories, which were probably intentional, the difference in style and tone, the sentimentality, prevents it from being a remake. I think Carey Mulligan can act, and I think she and LaBeouf did just fine. Mulligan was a lot better than the miscast Daryl Hannah in the original.